Евгений Осин пропал без вести Law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out where the man. The statement about the disappearance of the actor filed his sister. For three days about the location of Aspen is not known.
Евгений Осин пропал без вести

UpDate: Eugene Aspen found in the rehabilitation center where he is being treated for alcohol dependence. In the clinic he was placed the friends.

The sister of singer Evgeniya Osina said about his disappearance. On Thursday afternoon, a relative filed a petition in OMVD the district Khoroshevo-Mnevniki. The woman said that the brother left the apartment, located on the street of Demyan Bedny, August 15. For three days nothing is known about him.

Everything else, the artist has serious health problems. I wrote “StarHit”, star of the 90s almost couldn’t walk and raised money for the operation. Also, the media spread rumors about cirrhosis of the liver. However, surrounded by Aspen it was said that he could not transfer funds because he will spend it on alcohol. Natalia Shturm calls to treat Eugene Osina force

Eugene informed the neighbors appealed to the “Let them talk”, as he opened the door for a few days. Correspondents transfer could force the artist to let them into the apartment. He was feeling was half-naked and waited for the nurse.

According to people who live nearby, they have to bring the musician to the food that he once lived. The family does not support ASP. The former artist’s wife Agnes and daughter do not communicate with him. Some time ago, the musician and its successor phoned each other on the phone, but sometimes the man was drunk during such conversations.

“No love is good to me. I am quite a lonely person. I broke up with my wife about 15 years ago. Apparently, it was some kind of crisis in my life. She went to another. A daughter with her. She sets up her daughter against me that I’m so-and-so,” said Eugene in one of the television.
Евгений Осин пропал без вести

As reported in the law enforcement edition of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, a search for the musician. Recall that in early July, Eugene said that he lost feeling in his legs, so he needed medical care. Because the artist have not advocated, the treatment had not.

“The doctors say he might need surgery at a cost of 60 thousand, then crutches and even a wheelchair. The work I have, of copyright transfers, too. It remains only to ask for help from people!”- said Osin “StarHit”.