Discussing new leading “House-2”

В Сети обсуждают новую ведущую «Дома-2» At the end of last year, Kate Susan upset fans of the sad news. According to star, she’s going to focus on your personal life and your business. Many fans of telestroke wondering who would take the place of Zsuzsa.
В Сети обсуждают новую ведущую «Дома-2»

At the end of December last year, Kate Susan announced that he is leaving the position as a leading reality show “Dom-2”. According to sultry brunettes, on insisted her choice. New beloved stars of telestroke strongly against that she has so much time to work. Katya is removed not only in Moscow, but occasionally flies to the Seychelles, where there is another Playground project.

After Susan decided to leave, the audience began to discuss who would take her place. Internet users choose the new leadership of telestroke. Candidates for the vacant position steel and Tata Marina Afrikantov Responsibility. Blondes who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers in social networks, have become one of the faces of the project. Fans of the reality show write comments to support their beloved players. “Tata. Always says what he thinks”, “Marina deserved it. So many years on the project, Africanoboi more experience”, “Tata need not carry and raise a child,” discussed in the Network.

В Сети обсуждают новую ведущую «Дома-2»

At the same time, some social media users say they do not support any of the candidates. Speaking of the stars of the project, many are Xenia Borodin, considering her exemplary lead. “No”, “it is Better to look for other options,” – commented on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Kate Susan is going to run your business. According to the young woman, the beloved is going to help her in this difficult matter. In space, where the enterprise of Zsuzsa, is in full swing repair.

“Well, my dear readers. I’ve kept it, wanted to surprise you. But already there are no forces to remain silent. So I decided to lift the curtain of your project! What, still not yet. But I can say one thing – you will be very happy about this discovery. I long went to it, and that my dreams come true”, commented Katya.

Fans of Zsuzsa put forward their own versions of what she will do after retiring from telestroke. Some believe that the star of “House-2” will open her own dance Studio, while others insist on a karaoke club, beauty salon or restaurant. At the same time there are some viewers who believe that Kate will follow Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova. According to them, a young woman about to establish their own clothing brand.

Its the new darling Kate prefers to hide from the public. The presenter does not publish photos of the beloved in social networks and hides his name. Fans of Zsuzsa believe that the man is a very wealthy man. Periodically appear in the microblog Katie pictures of expensive gifts.

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