Numerologist: “Irina Apeksimova too be really mean to men”

Нумеролог: «Ирина Апексимова слишком сильно придирается к мужчинам» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star, who today celebrates his birthday. The actress and Director of the Moscow state theatre of drama and Comedy on Taganka turns 52. Last year was difficult for celebrity – she lost a close friend, actor Dmitry Marjanov. Officially Apeksimova today not married, she has a 23-year-old daughter Daria, in 2015 graduated from the School-Studio of MKHAT.
Нумеролог: «Ирина Апексимова слишком сильно придирается к мужчинам»

“Irina was born in “the Day of upward movement,” says Clara. Her life code 279 257 means that she’s the host of a sign of progress and sign of artistry, kind and self-sufficient person. Irina – the minion of fortune, well-liked, charismatic and endowed with women’s happiness, but the companion she needs a patient, because to get along with her is not so easy, because she often mutters and picks on small things. And over the years her character will change only for the worse… But Irina ideal friend is always trying to help. Despite his seemingly iron character, it is very soft and emotional person and a subtle psychologist, feels great, the mood of the people. She loves to work in a big team, but never seeks to draw attention to itself – its satisfied with the role of the gray cardinal”.

“Irina is a very hard-working, can work day and night. She’s the strongest analyst, she has a remarkable mind. She’s not all interesting, find a way to approach her is not very easy. Gambling and amorous, Apeksimova influenced by feelings and emotions”.

“From today, her life begins a difficult patch. It is not necessary to invest in questionable activities – the actress can burn. It is desirable to engage in spiritual growth, not conflict and not to succumb to any provocations.

With the opposite sex Irina no problems, from the Cavaliers she has never had a curfew. But she’s too picky in relation to males, it is difficult to please. Especially important to her intelligence potential of the satellite and its spiritual qualities. But if she meets someone she’s really interested, their romance will be long and heated.”

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