Subscribers Bortech laughed at the pregnant granddaughter Mikhalkov

Подписчики Бортич посмеялись над беременной внучкой Михалкова The actress shared the picture with a friend. The star of the movie “Viking” and Sasha Mikhalkova was found after the holidays in the company of friends. Despite the fact that the representative of the famous clan soon to give birth, she refuses.

The daughter of Stepan Mikhalkov, Alexander is preparing for the replenishment of the family. She recently married actor Peter Skvortsova. The wedding ceremony took place in the circle of friends. The bride was in a loose white dress which hid the changes of her figure. Despite the fact that pretty soon it will go to the hospital, he continues to lead an active lifestyle and meet friends.

Recently Mikhalkov sat in the restaurant in the company Alexandra Bartnik and Anna Wellmaking. The star of the painting “Viking” sharing touching frame on the page in a social network. It is a touching touching pregnant tummy friend.

However, the followers Bortech was much sharper. They laughed at the interesting position of Sasha. People who saw her form suggested that she ate too much during the Christmas holidays. “Salads”, “Dumplings?”, “Who are you? Boy or girl? – Olivieh”, is discussed by the users of the Network.

Sasha happy with Peter for several months. Earlier it was rumored that the daughter of Stepan Mikhalkov, an affair with artist Georgy Kozhevnikov, with whom she studied at Moscow state University. But as it was said surrounded by young people because of quarrels, the couple decided to part. Mikhalkov was hiding the beginning of the novel with the singer starring in the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Apprentice.” However, after a while she decided to put a joint frame with Skvortsov in the microblog. “I have one picture with that person, it made”, – has signed a snapshot Sasha. Their friends admired the harmonious couple and wrote compliments in the comments.

Last year in the family of Stepan Mikhalkov, there was another joyful event. His wife Elizabeth, with whom they live in marriage for 10 years, gave birth to a son. They kept secret a joyful event, even from the closest friends, deciding to share the happy news just now.

“In the spring we do become parents – told “StarHit” Lisa Mikhalkov. We have a son, whom we named Luke. The name was chosen by the family Council, according to the calendar”.

Stepan Mikhalkov four children: three elder brothers – Alexander, Vasily, and Peter was born in marriage with model Alla Sivakova.