Директор «Европейской медиагруппы» ответил на претензии Филиппа Киркорова The king of the pop scene gave him an ultimatum. Representatives of Philip Kirkorov has banned a number of radio stations to broadcast his song. However, the Roman Emelyanov was surprised by this statement of the artist’s management.

Not long ago, Philip has released a new song, “mood Color blue.” However, the artist felt that the hit of the king of the domestic pop scene should not appear in rotation on some radio stations, namely those that belong to the “European media group” – “Europe plus”, “Novoe radio”, “Retro FM” and “Road”. The artist’s management sent the company a complaint. General Director EMG Roman Emelyanov was surprised at such statements of the singer.

“Yes, we received a letter from representatives of Philip Kirkorov, but at most stations EMG of his songs don’t sound a long time or never played at all, so don’t see a reason for concern,” said media Manager.

Also in the “European media group” said that the song “mood Color blue” never appeared in rotation on their radio stations.

The last time Philip is at the center of the scandals associated with his repertoire. Moreover, the authors find songs that artist performed back in the 90s.

He recently won a lawsuit against Frenchman Gilbert, Sinoue, who accused him of plagiarism. In his opinion, the artist released the song “Silk thread”, which was similar to his composition. The man wanted to obtain as a compensation of 15 million rubles and a ban on the execution Kirkorov this track. However, to obtain the desired failed.

“Now, all the chatter stopped! We won! The court adjourned the arrogant claims millions of rubles!” – said Kirkorov’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky after winning in court.

A year ago the artist was fighting with another Frenchman, Didier Marouani, who believed that the song “tough love,” repeats his composition Symphonic Space Dream. But then the artist won with his attorney. They did not hide their joy of triumph and enthusiastically shared the news with fans.

“Moscow court finally sent away the last complaint of the Frenchman Marouani and his lawyer. Maybe they like it when they… Well, you understand” – Dobrovinsky wrote in Instagram.