Shura and Lyova of Bi-2 fulfilled the dream of a sick girl

Шура и Лева Би-2 исполнили мечту больной девочки Light Mitrofanova from Moore visited the concert in Moscow. Even in infancy she was diagnosed with “hydrocephalus”. Another name – “dropsy of the brain”. The girl began to rise sharply in the head, in the end, her shunt.
Шура и Лева Би-2 исполнили мечту больной девочки

Now she is 11 years she has studied the standard curriculum of the seventh class, but at home. Light loves music, sings well and even sometimes serves. From the age of nine, she enjoys the creativity of group “Bi-2”, then she decided in that whatever was to get acquainted with the musicians.

Thanks to the charitable Foundation for children “Gift angel” desire Lights turned. All participants of the “Bi-2” even before the New year have recorded specially for her greeting and invited to one of their concerts in Moscow.

Before the performance of the team the girl was found with the idols, communicated with Shura and Left and even sang with them a few excerpts from your favorite songs. The musicians wished Light good mood and pleasant evening. The soloists of the band gave a little guest his CD autographed, promising to continue to invite her to his concerts.

“It was unforgettable! says Light. – I loved it!”

Шура и Лева Би-2 исполнили мечту больной девочки“We fulfill the dreams of special children, Anastasia said Prikazchikova, the founder of the Foundation “Gift angel”. We believe that children need a powerful motivation to pass all obstacles on the road to health. We even had a program “the Main thing is to dream!”. The main goal and objective of the Fund is high-quality rehabilitation and help four charitable programs. There is nothing better than to make the dreams of our children a reality. For example, the Light wants more than anything to learn to walk in order to perform on the big stage. We help her to undergo rehabilitation. And the meeting with the Left and Shura, I hope demotiviruet her to fight for her health in the future.”

Light Mitrofanova four months old was sick with flu, then she had vaccinations. After some time the girl’s mother Evgenia noticed that the baby became restless, stopped sleeping at night, not smiling. Also, the girl of steel “to go” eyes and rose head is 5 cm Light was diagnosed “hydrocephalus”. In the end, was installed a shunt.

In 2010, 2011 and 2013 Mitrofanov operated, then the Light learned to eat on their own, and sit and walk with support.

“Fortunately my daughter is fully preserved intellect, says her mother Eugenia. In ten years she had undergone repeated surgery to change the shunt. Over the years she went through a lot, but I ceased to enjoy life. And the Foundation is a “Gift angel” added bright impressions, fulfilling her cherished dream. Light was found with the idols of her life – the band “Bi-2”.