Лера Кудрявцева нашла работу для сына Jean Lenyk, who was born married celebrity with the drummer of group “Tender may”, settled in one of the projects. It is known that the heir Lera Kudryavtseva avoids publicity and does not like to be photographed.
Лера Кудрявцева нашла работу для сына

Last Saturday, the son of Lera Kudryavtseva Jean celebrated the day of birth. The young man was 28 years old. How did you find the journalists, he became a colleague of the famous mother. Learning about what NTV looking for a producer in one of the projects, Kudryavtseva invited Jean to try their hand.

A new job brings son stars fun. According to Jean, he always wanted to do something like that.

“On TV I wanted since childhood. However, to be in the shot and to interview people I don’t like, but to organize a program behind the scenes as a producer I’m interested. So now my mom and colleagues, however, she is working on another project” – quoted in the media a young man.

Heir to the stars are not afraid of business trips are possible. Jean admitted that with pleasure would go on a trip for work. However, while the question is not, and to the son, the presenter has to work in Moscow.

By the way, recently Lera Kudryavtseva found themselves in unpleasant situations because of fraud. A celebrity used in the advertisement means to cope with alcohol dependence. The Network also posted the review, allegedly written by the presenter. “I remember once almost died. The evening saw, was some revelry at my house. In the morning his hands were shaking, heart was so bad that I called an ambulance. I was very scared. I was put on a drip, and I decided after that: enough” – allegedly said Kudryavtseva.

In addition to Lera, in such a situation were Larisa Guzeeva. Another TV star also angered by the actions of unscrupulous advertisers. Therefore, in the near future celebrities will likely go together in the court, passed correspondents of the program “PE”.

Recall that the only son of Lera Kudryavtseva Jean was born 14 April 1990. The father of a young man is the drummer of group “Tender may” Sergey Lenyk. The couple broke up after a couple of years after the appearance of an heir. Jean does not like to attract public attention, therefore, shy away from social events, avoiding to pose with the star mother. In January of this year, Kudryavtsev was surprised by a rare shot of Jean. “My man! Sonny. For the first time allowed to photograph them. It is exclusive,” wrote the star on Instagram.

According to “7 days”, after Plekhanov Russian University of Economics son Lera Kudryavtseva for a long time could not get a job. The young man was helped by his famous parent. Valerie herself said that Jean is a very private person. In early childhood he was afraid to be the center of attention of journalists.