Дима Билан нашел в Астрахани клон Оли Бузовой The singer admitted that the TV star is driving him crazy. Dima Bilan see on the beautiful picture of the profile of Olga Buzova. The artist believes that it is very similar to the heroine of ancient art.
Дима Билан нашел в Астрахани клон Оли Бузовой

Dima Bilan last few weeks touring Russia. Each day an artist performing a concert in a new city. Today he is in Penza, Saratov, and the day after in Astrakhan. Artist little sleep, all the time on the road, but in every post or video on Instagram, thanking the audience, because no matter where he spoke everywhere he was waiting for full house.

Now he returns to Moscow to shoot a new video clip for the song “Girl, don’t cry.” The singer reached out to fans asking if they can guess who will be the heroine of the movie. Assumptions were put forward very different. Some said that in the clip Dima again will star beauty Ksenia Sukhinova, others fantasized that maybe the heroine of the movie will be a former ward of Dima in the show “the Voice” singer Yan GE, many wanted to see in the video the skaters – Olympic champion Alina Sagitova, for example, and Adelina Sotnikova, and someone allowed themselves to call the name of Olga Buzova.

The smoke without fire does not happen. At the same time, Dima Bilan has published stories an unexpected video. The singer was sitting bored in the lobby and suddenly noticed a picture hanging on the wall. The girl, depicted on canvas, Dima learned Olga Buzova.

“I’m sitting here and hanging in front of a picture. Well, tell me, or crazy, whether it’s Olga Buzova?! Antique heroine is just how I look. Well, the truth!”, – said Dima Bilan.

Interestingly, last summer, Dima Bilan asked about how he refers to Olga. And people’s artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, the only Russian singer, who twice represented our country at competition “Eurovision” in short, one of the most successful and popular artists of the local scene, noted that Olga Buzova is a real phenomenon. Not only that, many years ago Buzova was a fan Bilan, came to his concerts in his native St. Petersburg and stood in the first ranks of the entrance, shouted: “Dima, I love you.” The actor added that the music that plays Buzova “simple and very memorable”, and he didn’t just not mind, but I would like to sing a duet with her.