Беременная Ольга Рапунцель смогла помириться с сестрой Cousin settled arising conflicts. Olga and Alena Rapunzel discussed a scandalous situation and eventually forgot about the recent conflict. Fans of the star family are very happy for the girls.

About a month ago on the TV show “Dom-2” came the younger sister of Olga Rapunzel Alain. This caused an extremely negative reaction at the stars and the girl’s relatives. A little later, the newly minted member of the cast said that their conflict stems from basic jealousy.

According to Alena, sister is afraid that will lose popularity while in the decree. After the younger Rapunzel started Dating llya Habarovym, it seemed that family members will not be able to resolve conflicts between them.

Now, however, Alain said that we were able to make peace with a relative. According to her, they talked and decided to forget about the conflict.

“Olya, we’ve made up. I am very glad! For Jabbarova I went against my family, I fought with mom, and he did not deserve. Of course, I reconnected with his sister, with mom. But how else? Of course, in some moments they were right. For example, when Olga said that it’s not for me, I didn’t believe the voice she raised. I, of course, was wrong”, – said Alena.

According to the girl, now she is in a good relationship with my sister. This news has delighted the fans, because soon Olga Rapunzel will become a mother. According to fans, a young woman now don’t need more conflicts with relatives or friends.

However, almost immediately after the statement on reconciliation with sister Allen began to publish photos with former lover by Ilya Habarovym. The girl said that it intends to give a man another chance, as she is really in love with him.

“Many write to me: “Alain, no shame! Yabbarov not the man that you need”. Guys, come on! This is my choice! Relationship is work! And I try to be honest, because I’m sure that Ilya is the one,” said Rapunzel, Jr.

It is likely that the reunification of man will have a negative impact on relationships Alyona’s sister. However, while relatives enjoy talking. Moreover, Rapunzel, Jr. has repeatedly said that he wants to help Olga in the upbringing and care about the future baby.

Communicating with Dom2Life.ru the girl said he did not believe in communication Jabbarova sister, which allegedly took place after her return on the project. Alena knows that her partner has a controversial reputation, but she’s willing to risk everything for the sake of feelings.