Степан Меньщиков окончательно разобрался в отношениях с женой The wife of the showman made an official statement. Stepan Menshikov and his fiancee decided to break up. However, they are going to maintain a normal conversation for two children and the common past.

In September of last year, Stepan Menshikov officially confirmed that breaks up with his wife. The beloved showman Yevgeny hurried to move out to a rented apartment, and later spoke about the numerous infidelities of her lover.

It soon became clear that the eldest son Stephen is not native to him. This was revealed on the show “really” and it was an utter surprise to the entertainer. Despite all the scandals, the ex-couple managed to keep friendly relations. This was reported ex-wife Menschikova.

“So it’s hard for me to just close the page length in seven years. Especially when there is a common kids. Six years, I am Instagram and you watched the development of our relations: two weddings, two pregnancies, two divorces, and then – Bang! – I broke off. Okay, I promise you often to talk about our present communication and, so to speak, the parent friendship. For example, today, Stepan was visiting us, brought Ivan and a bunch of presents, talked to the Princess,” said Eugene.

According to the young women, members often urge her to reconcile with her husband. However, Eugene is not going to do that. According to her, the relationship was over, and now the former spouses need to move on.

Stepan often puts a joint photo with the children. He spends with the kids a lot of time, often giving them gifts, make surprises. Thus Menshikov works very hard to provide a decent future for the kids.

Fans had hoped that spending time together with children and ex-wife will force Stefan to think about the resurrection of family ties. However, previously the showman confirmed that the divorce has not been canceled.

“We’re divorced! Heart Eugenia freely, and she, as always, waiting for your other half,” – said Menshikov.

Fans immediately assumed that he, Stepan has managed to find new love. However, while that man is in no hurry to talk about his personal life. He prefers again and again to share with his ex-wife, not forgetting to thank her for the happy years spent together.

According to the ex-spouses men’shchikova, she is not going to make an effort to search for men dreams. She is passionate about business development and education of children. Fans of the star couple hope that despite all the scandals, former lovers manage to keep a good relationship for your daughter and son.