Died Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Скончался Евгений Евтушенко The doctors were unable to save the life of the famous poet. An elderly man was taken to a hospital in the US yesterday evening. His condition doctors assessed as serious. As reported by his family, they hoped for the best.

    Скончался Евгений Евтушенко

    Today has left the life of popular poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The tragic news of the death of a friend said the writer Mikhail Morgulis. The man was one of the first I learned of the death of a comrade. “Five minutes ago Evgeny Alexandrovich left for eternity”, – said Mikhail Zinovyevich. On the causes of death, mystery has not yet been reported.

    On the eve Yevtushenko was taken to the clinic of Tulsa in the USA in a serious condition. Loved ones hoped that doctors will be able to do everything possible to save writer. Morgulis even stated that Evgeny was a few hours better. In the words of another poet to the last was conscious and understood that there are native people. The bed Yevtushenko was on duty the poet’s wife, Maria Novikova, who did not depart a single step. Also came to the hospital and heirs Yevtushenko, Dmitry and Eugene.

    The last few years the writer suffered from health problems. In 1997 the doctors found that Yevtushenko has worn the ankle joint. Experts put the prosthesis, but it did not stick, so later the poet had to undergo amputation. In all situations he was supported beloved wife.

    Despite of old age, Eugene A. regularly arranged concerts at which were gathered the friends, colleagues and admirers of his work. He was considered to be a living legend of Russian poetry. Evtushenko acted in several roles: author, presenter, performer and inspirer of tours.

    Fans of his work remember the visit of the poet to cities in 2015. The team led by celebrities visited different parts of Russia. Each concert Yevtushenko tried to make unique and changed the selected works or a sequence, depending on the preferences of the public.

    “We have plenty of repertoire to satisfy the most diverse tastes of listeners, regardless of their age and profession”, – said Evgeny.

    Deep and subtle lyrics Yevtushenko immediately won the hearts of millions of listeners. In the timeless classics – the film “Irony of fate” on the verses of the poet were imposed music. Interestingly, the work was written some 18 years before the film appeared in 1957. Then it was called “B. Akhmadulina” and was devoted to his wife Belle. Now lines of the poem everyone knows.

    With me here is what happens:
    to me my old friend does not walk,
    and go in small vanity
    a variety of not the same.
    And he
    not with those walking somewhere
    and also understands this,
    and our contention is inexplicable
    and we both tormented him.
    With me here is what happens:
    not the one comes to me,
    my hands on the shoulders puts
    me and the other steals.
    And the
    tell me, for God’s sake,
    who shoulders arms to put?
    have I stolen
    in retaliation, too, will steal.

    According to relatives, the body Yevtushenko will be delivered to Russia. In a recent conversation the writer asked to be buried in Peredelkino near the grave of Pasternak.