Elena Biryukova had surgery to remove the tumor

Елена Бирюкова перенесла операцию по удалению опухоли Star of the TV series “SASHA+MASHA” said that he almost said goodbye to life. A few years ago, doctors discovered she had a serious disease. The actress did all in his power to restore health.

      Елена Бирюкова перенесла операцию по удалению опухоли

      The star of the popular TV series “SASHA+MASHA” Elena Biryukova was the guest of the program “the Secret of the million,” which leads Lera Kudryavtseva. Actress, notable for fans of sitcoms striking good looks and talented game, frankly replied to most tricky questions of transmission. The actress faced the most difficult moments in life. As Elena admitted, several times she was a victim of maniacs. That is why women now prefer a short hair cut and not to walk on the street late in the evening. However, the real challenge for the actress was fighting with a serious disease.

      The star of “Sasha + Masha” Elena Biryukova called married

      Biryukova told Kudryavtseva that a few years ago, doctors discovered she had malignant tumors. The woman said that he had decided to undergo a simple procedure. She had no idea that she could be diagnosed with some abnormalities. Elena came in one of clinics of Moscow, where he met with the gynecologist. He shocked her totally unexpected statement. It turned out that the actress formed a small tumor in the area of the ovaries, and she urgently needs an operation.

      “Then I realized people who hear about this terrible disease. State when you know that you have the three year old child and you will soon die. Don’t expect like 31 years old already. I went to the temple and choked with tears, I could not speak”, – said Biryukov.

      Desperate actress even lit candles for their own health. She just could not believe that at her age it could happen like that. Biryukova greatly helped by a visit to the Abbot, but full health is not restored.

      After some time, the star of the TV series came to another specialist who calmed her down and assured that nothing fatal woman is not threatened, but the formation of the ovary is so small that we need to wait for some time. Within three months, while Biryukova did not go to the doctors, she had lost all interest in life. Celebrity told how it was difficult for her to enjoy what was happening around. Family and friends just couldn’t see Elena, because is nervous, the actress dropped a few pounds.

      “The other doctor said that there is nothing on one of my ovaries, but there is a friend, but was told to wait. Three months later the tumor grew from one centimeter to seven. The operation is done via three puncture. It was necessary to pass all the tests, to check all organs. I wasn’t there. Remember, I met with an acquaintance, and he didn’t recognize. I have forgotten how to enjoy everything. I’ve been buried alive myself,” said the actress.

      As soon as came the day of the surgery, it was virtually no one close to her person. Elena remembered that she was truly scared in that moment. Relatives could not leave Minsk, although the grandmother of the actress still managed to escape to Moscow to be near a granddaughter in the hospital. The star revealed that she came to the rescue of ex-husband Alexander Romanovsky and his wife, who was unable to cast the actress in trouble.

      “I do perceive Lena as relative. So I couldn’t leave her. The man was very sick and needed help, how could we leave her? We lived together, man should not be put out of my life,” admitted the ex-husband of Elena.

      Interestingly, at that time, Elena Biryukova was married to theater Director Alexey Litvin. When the actress had an accident, it wasn’t there. The celebrity revealed that her ex-husband went to put the play. To the disappointment of the artist, he was unable to move his plans and the moral support she provided. This point is made clear to the star that they are not on the road, so soon she filed for divorce.

      We will remind that already more than five years Biryukova happy with llya Horoshilovym. Together they are raising a daughter Aglaia.