“Double” Dmitry Tarasov six months, deceived the public

"Double" Dmitry Tarasov six months, deceived the public Korrespodenty found out that the famous football player came an imposter. The employee of the car named Dmitry for several months commented to the journalists of various events in the life of the namesake, do not skimp on the emotional phrase.

      March 24 at the stadium “Krasnodar” held a friendly match between Russia and Cote d’ivoire ended with the score 0:2 in favor of foreign players. The game has caused quite a stir among fans booing our players. The journalists of a television channel associated with the caller, was in a closed database of phone numbers of celebrities, midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. During the conversation with the correspondent the man emotionally criticized colleagues, calling athletes “losers.”

      The phrase uttered by Dmitry, caused heated discussions in social networks. Many have begun to criticize the player, “Locomotive”, accusing him of excessive sharpness judgments. However, after some time it became clear that Dmitri Tarasov is not the author of the critical passages in the address of the players of the national team. How did you find out to correspondents, the number that was listed for the athlete in the database phone numbers of media persons, actually belonged to the dealership. It was there and worked namesake Tarasova, who allowed himself harsh statements on behalf of the celebrity.

      Journalists conducted their own investigation and found out that the Manager of the dealership for six months lied to the media, giving comments about the various events in the life of midfielder “Locomotive” — from her divorce from TV presenter Olga Buzova and ending relationships with a fighter Rasul Mirzayev, who made an attempt at the end of last year.

      Dmitry Tarasov announced a new stage in life

      Moreover, the reputation of the car dealership where he worked as “false Dmitry”, according to correspondents, was far from ideal: the organization regularly complained customers. And the room itself, according to media reports, was issued to another company, which then was allegedly seized during a RAID.

      Journalists apologized to Dmitry Tarasov, the website of REN TV. We also add that the midfielder “Locomotive” was previously denied information about what was criticized by colleagues and the loser of the national team of côte d’ivoire. The man said that such a statement could only afford the non-football people. “In the morning a press-service of FC “locomotive” contacted reporters. Those, in turn, sent a number that supposedly called me. Well, picked it up really Dmitry. But I don’t. And quite aggressive responding, “Yes, I don’t Tarasov”. I had a lot of rooms, but not this” — he wrote in his microblog a few days ago.