Скончался Олег Табаков Today we have gone from 82-year-old actor, Director, Director of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov and, of course, the beloved Sylvester. Sad news reported by journalists. According to them, Oleg Tabakov was disconnected from life support systems.
Скончался Олег Табаков

Monday, March 12, all the media had spread the sad news that has died the national actor of the USSR Oleg Tabakov. First, the journalists wrote that the star was disconnected from life support systems. Later the information appeared that the actor and Director had a heart attack. Oleg Pavlovich died in 16 hours 15 minutes. Many fans Tabakov bring condolences to his family.

Oleg Tabakov put in the First city hospital of Moscow on 27 November 2017. The actor found the sepsis syndrome deep stun. In the clinic of the famous actor underwent emergency tracheostomy. The doctors were going to solve the problem with obstruction of the upper respiratory tract Tabakov, then Oleg Pavlovich hooked up to a ventilator.

In the hospital with him constantly was his wife Marina Zudina. Tabakov visited the children who chose not to communicate with journalists.

The media, meanwhile, continuously published controversial data on the health of the master. Then, according to reporters, the situation was critical, that again was an improvement… towards the end of the year the information appeared that the star of theatre and film is introduced in an artificial coma. The doctors felt that the status of Tabakov has not improved for the past gogogo time, but because some bodies need a break.

Dec 27 a close friend of the star, Vice-mayor Leonid Pechatnikov, who closely follow the health of his friend, admitted that tobacco, though is conscious, however the master became worse…

Oleg Tabakov: the brightest moments of the life and work

Скончался Олег Табаков

Tabakov – people’s artist of the USSR (1988), laureate of the State prize of the USSR (in 1967) and Russia (in 1997). Oleg Pavlovich – full cavalier of the order “For merits before Fatherland”. Since 2000 he was the artistic Director of one of the best and legendary theaters of Russia – the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov. He also founded and headed the “Snuff-box” – theatre under direction of Oleg Tabakov. He was President of the festival of documentary melodrama “Saratov sufferings”, was a member of the Council for culture and arts under the President. Played hundreds of roles in film and theater, voiced cartoons and has been a very active citizen of my beloved country.

Скончался Олег Табаков

From the first wife, Lyudmila Krylova, Oleg Pavlovich had a son Anton and a daughter, Alexandra. Married to second wife Marina Suginoi the actor and Director were born two heirs: daughter Mary and son Paul.

Скончался Олег Табаков

According to the journalists, Oleg Tabakov died in a Moscow hospital surrounded by his family. The city authorities can memorialize the beloved actor in Moscow. This has already been announced by Deputy head of the city Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma Lev Lavrenov.

“You know, if there is some kind of application, we will consider at the Commission. No application has so far not appeared. My personal opinion is the man deserves a monument”, — said Lavrenov.

“StarHit” expresses deep condolences to the family of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, as well as all fans of his work.

According to the materials of REN TV and Mash.

Native people’s artist of USSR, art Director of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov and “Snuff-boxes” of Oleg Tabakov before his departure, was invited to the hospital priest.

Son of people’s artist Paul posted on Instagram a photo with the famous dad. Fans of the actor left many words of support under the. “The bright memory of the man and the actor”, “Pasha, I’m so sorry”, “I’m sorry…. Be brave!”, “Please accept my condolences”, “the Bright memory. Saratov grieving,” Eternal memory, “in memory of the wonderful actor,” wrote netizens.

Pavlo Tabakov asked the media not to call him. A young man posted a message for journalists.

Скончался Олег Табаков

Stars Express their condolences over the death of Oleg Tabakov. Many posted pictures of Oleg Pavlovich and touching words in memory of the beloved actor.

“Eternal memory to the great actor! Remember and love!” – written by humorist Vladimir Vinokur.

“Died Oleg Tabakov. A great actor gone… an Irreparable loss for Russian and myrrh theaters,” – said TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev.

Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov in connection with the death of its leader, Oleg Tabakov canceled Monday all performances. About it reported in a press-service of the theatre.

“In connection with such a terrible loss for us — the death of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov — in the theater canceled all performances today,” — said the press attache.

“Infinitely sorry… the Great Oleg Tabakov… Chelovechische” – written by the singer Valeria.

TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev remembered how he worked with people’s artist. “Oleg Pavlovich… Dear…How so? This news just killed. Died Oleg Tabakov. On the photo: Oleg Tabakov prepared to comment on the opening ceremony of the winter games in Turin 2006! We were orphaned… I cry and the words I have no more…” – shared TV presenter.

Philip expressed his condolences to the widow of beloved actor Marina Suginoi.

“Go away, go away one by one! The best! Only! Brilliant actors, the heroes of our time. The art which we grew up, studied and aspired to be like them. Even just to watch and admire! Thank you, Oleg, for your priceless art and contribution. Eternal memory. My deepest condolences to the family, Marina Suginoi, children! Pasha, Anton, hold on! The whole country mourns! It is an irreparable loss…” –said the singer.

Stanislav Sadalsky remembered how he worked with the master. Touching words actor published online.

“Goodbye… To the troupe “Contemporary” I took tobacco, in that time, he was Director of the theatre. The founders of his name Lelik. I, diluting the crowd on stage, adored from behind the scenes to observe master. I was a student. Tobacco has always been a fearless man, few people know that when Soviet forces entered Czechoslovakia, the only actor in the Soviet Union, which condemned our government was Oleg Tabakov – a member of the CPSU, Secretary of the party organization, an outstanding personality… Then he got only strict reprimand, but agree that it is an act of great citizen! And yet Tabakov was a great weakness – to take the poor actors money. Sometimes, he missed the exit or rehearsal, we, the young, made a compassionate face and said, “No money”. Tobacco, as Director, was obliged to reprimand, but Oleg Pavlovich was just a blur of happiness: “How much? – 10 rubles.” He immediately took out the money and forgive the flagrant violation in the theater. However, always remember who he needs! The Kingdom of heaven to you, master, I’m sorry and goodbye” – shared Sadalsky.