Ирина Лобачева тайно узаконила отношения с 29-летним фигуристом The famous figure skater admitted that he found happiness in his personal life. Last year Irina Lobacheva was married peers by Ivan Tretyakov. As it turned out, the lovers decided to organize a large-scale celebration.
Ирина Лобачева тайно узаконила отношения с 29-летним фигуристом

45-year-old figure skater Irina Lobacheva does not hide an affair with 29-year-old colleague on the shop floor by Ivan Tretyakov. The age difference does not interfere with the lovers ‘ happiness. According to female athletes, she wants to give the chosen child. Irina Ivan calls her husband, but until recently, fans of the pair could only guess whether they have legalized their relationship.

As it turned out, Lobacheva is the lawful wife of Tretyakov. According to Irina, Ivan insisted on going to the registry office.

“Yes, Vanya and officially registered marriage. And 4 Aug. And until this year lived together. This is Ivan insisted we went to the registry office. It was a very good gesture, which I certainly appreciated. Wanted to show that he is a real man and thus takes responsibility for his woman, that is for me,” the woman told reporters.
Ирина Лобачева тайно узаконила отношения с 29-летним фигуристом

As said by Iryna, she and boyfriend did not arrange a lavish celebration. “Although the bouquet I threw. Because we came to congratulate the students with their parents. He still wants to get married,” said the skater.

The son of Lobacheva Martin, who will soon be fourteen years, took her new chosen one. According to the woman, the teenager even expressed a protest against her marriage.

“He was jealous of me to the van and said, “Mom, I’m not allowed to get married!” He is very worried that I am his dad and I divorced. But now still managed to make friends with my new husband, and with the new girl Elijah too. Martin van with my small age difference – 15 years. The son now lives with father,” said the athlete with the “Express newspaper”.

Recall that Martin was born in married Irina Lobacheva with Ilya Averbuch. Athletes announced their divorce in November 2007. In an interview with the “mirror for a hero” Lobacheva shed light on the reasons for the separation from Averbuch. The woman admitted that she had not paid the wife enough attention, so he began to look for it on the side. Its role in the collapse of the pair was played by Ilya’s mother, who disapproved of Irina.

Despite the fact that Averbukh broke up with Lobacheva, he continued to take an active part in the education of the son. According to the athlete, the separation of the parents went to Martin favor, as it saved him from a family scandal.

One of the beloved Lobacheva was actor Dmitry Maryanov. According to the skater, who departed this life the artist meant a lot to her, so she intends to understand the circumstances of his death. Over a long period of time Lobacheva accused in the death of theater and movie stars his wife Xenia BIK. Irina Lobacheva attacked the widow of Dmitry Marjanova in a live TV show