Олег Табаков: самые яркие моменты жизни и творчества Today it became known about death of the legendary actor. For several months Oleg Tabakov was in the hospital under the supervision of experts. However, doctors were unable to save the life of a famous Director.
Олег Табаков: самые яркие моменты жизни и творчества

Today, March 12, it became known that the famous actor and Director Oleg Tabakov died. For several months he was in the hospital. In medical institution he was in the end of November. “StarHit” decided to recall the most memorable events in the life of Oleg Pavlovich.

Died Oleg Tabakov

Tabakov was born in a family of doctors, and his attraction to the stage was evident while studying at school. For three years he attended the Studio, and upon graduation, went from his native Saratov to Moscow, where he enrolled in the Moscow art theatre. His career began in his third year with the lead role in the movie “Tight knot”. The picture was published in 1957, however, after some time it was recognized as “ideologically vicious”. Only 30 years later the film was restored and confirmed to run.

At the end of the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov became one of the youngest founders of the Sovremennik. For over 20 years he was the leading actor. Oleg Pavlovich did not spare their time and effort on art. Due to overuse, he suffered a heart attack at the age of 29 years. Despite this, he never left the habit of a lot of work. Even at 82 years old upon arrival, he was canceling the show – asked for a painkiller and went on the stage to please the audience.

After his friend and mentor, Oleg Efremov left the theater and began to lead the Moscow art Theater, Tabakov took over as Director and contributed to the approval for the post of chief Director Galina Volchek. Six years later, Oleg Pavlovich scored students on the basis of the University, and a year later organized the “Snuff box”. However, for some time he was assigned the official status of the theater.

In 2000 he was entrusted with the leadership of the legendary Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, despite the fact that he headed his own. He also worked as an actor, taught, produced, and starred in films.

At the beginning of a creative way Oleg Pavlovich married to Lyudmila Krylova, the actress who also served in the “contemporary”. The couple had two children – son Anton and daughter Alexandra. The couple lived together for more than 30 years. However, in 1995, the famous actor married Marina Suginoi after a decade-long secret affair. The actress also gave birth to his heirs – a son Paul and a daughter Mary. Despite the age difference, which is 30 years, in a pair of reigns idyll.

Олег Табаков: самые яркие моменты жизни и творчества

However, for a long time Oleg Pavlovich has not commented on its decision regarding the divorce with the first wife. However, a couple of years ago admitted, the disorder in the family started because of different views on Pets. Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

“We had a border collie, she loved me and was so happy when I came home from a tour that the entire floor under it was wet, – admitted Oleg Tabakov in one of the ethers. And that’s when I once returned from a trip, the dog didn’t meet me. It turned out that while I was away, the wife gave her. Then at the request of my daughter Sasha and I bought a puppy Newfoundland. Wonderful the dog was! But it gave to strangers after about a year, without asking my opinion. It deeply affected our relationship with my wife.”
Олег Табаков: самые яркие моменты жизни и творчества

As it turned out, the decision about breaking him was not easy. He didn’t want the kids lost a father and I divorced when my son was 33, and daughter 29. Despite the fact that the heirs were old enough people, Alexander was unable to accept the position of Pope. Moreover, it came in “Snuff” almost at the same time with my future stepmother. Despite the fact that it took 20 years, native people have been unable to find a common language and establish communication.

Oleg Tabakov refuses to talk about the eldest daughter

Not so long ago, Marina Zudina admitted that in their family could be three children to the marriage with the famous actor she had an abortion, because they were not ready for kids yet and didn’t want to ruin a family. The actress admits that regret, but at that moment it felt this right. Oleg Tabakov decided on a Frank admission about your spouse

Олег Табаков: самые яркие моменты жизни и творчества

Despite the fact that Oleg Pavlovich works a lot, he likes to indulge the household with various treats. Tobacco does not require spouses of culinary delights, but he refuses to spend time in the kitchen. Oleg Tabakov: “In our family, everyone is saved, how can”

“Of course, they know how to fry potatoes, – said the actor in an interview with “StarHit”. – Do buckwheat so that it crunches on the teeth – just need to flip in the pan. Recently found an amazing mix – buckwheat noodles. The product is inexpensive, with good olive oil and soy sauce turns out very tasty. Heat a frying pan with butter. Pour a few drops of the sauce I brought it from the Czech Republic, where I teach. And then dumped the noodles. And so delicious it squarked that you understand: the reward will be an excellent dish. Well, perhaps, I have nothing to boast of.”