Died in Moscow, Mikhail Zadornov

В Москве скончался Михаил Задорнов
The artist died on 70-m to year.

Mikhail Zadornov


Today, in the seventieth year of life died Mikhail Zadornov. Well-known satirist
he could not fight cancer, according to “REN TV”. The disease was diagnosed in the early
2016. On October 22 the same year, the satirist was hospitalized in Moscow
December, he underwent a brain biopsy.

In November 2017, the artist decided to sobrovets, humorist
moved from neo-paganism to Orthodoxy. This was announced by the rector of the Moscow
temple of the life-giving Trinity on the Vorobyovy hills Archpriest Andrey Novikov. “Two
a month ago Mikhail Nikolaevich God brought repentance in the sacrament of confession in
The Kazan Cathedral of Moscow. This is the hardest period of his life he held as
reconciled with the Holy Church an Orthodox Christian,” wrote a priest at
page in the social network.

Mikhail Zadornov was born in 1948 in Latvia Jurmala. It is known as
Soviet and Russian satirist, comedian, actor and author of pseudo-scientific theories.
Zadornov — member of the Union of writers of Russia. The author of over ten books. Including
lyrical and satirical stories, humorous pieces, essays, travel writing and plays. Since the early 1990-ies Zadornov was
author and presenter of different TV shows such as “full House”, “Smehopanorama”,
“A satirical forecast”, “mothers and Daughters”.