Matured son Bulanova won the hearts of subscribers

Возмужавший сын Булановой покорил сердца подписчиков
Tatiana Bulanova piques the interest of fans to the eldest child.

Alexander Tagrin

Photo: @buslya Instagram Tatiana Bulanova

It happens that star children often prefer to remain in the shadows of their parents and choose a completely “normal profession”. Among Hollywood celebrities, such examples are many. For example, the son of Harrison Ford, Ben works as a cook, the eldest daughter of Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman Isabella chose the profession of a Barber, and son of Robert De Niro worked as a realtor. But in the Russian show business, the reluctance of children to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents — the exception rather the rule. One of them is the son of Tatiana and Nikolai Tagriny — Alexander.

On the eve of Russian pop star showed his 24-year-old heir,… who works as a Barista in the cafeteria. It is curious that Alexander chose this activity because of the great love of coffee. This passion has manifested, when the son of Bulanova have received higher education. Enrolling in the Institute of culture, Alexander suddenly realized that I chose a major that you don’t like and went on training courses, coffee making facilities. The son, on the story of Tatiana, 18 years old refused on principle to tangible support from parents. It completely provides itself financial.

Alexander conquered the hearts of fans Bulanova. Many noted that the young man looks very well-mannered and modest. “Live a little man! Handsome! He likes to do this class!”, “Like my mom is like”, “well Done. Very cool deal” “Here is an example for Golden youth! Would not work at all,” write the fans.

Meanwhile, Tatiana never commented on the testimony of her current husband — Vladislav Radimov about that recent scandal of divorce was a PR. With these words the husband of the actress made in a recent interview, confessing that in their family reigned, and there is complete harmony.