Anna Banshchikova spoke about the difficult fate of a new family member

Анна Банщикова рассказала о непростой судьбе нового члена семьи
In the house of the actress appeared lovely baby.

Анна Банщикова рассказала о непростой судьбе нового члена семьи

Anna Banshchikova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The family of Anne of Bandicoot added another girl. No, it is not about the child, and the puppy, who recently appeared in the house of a star of the TV series “the Seeker.” The actress showed compassion for “our younger brothers”. Not so long ago under the wheels of her car ran a quite young stray dog. Anna did the noble thing and took the baby into the family. Banshchikova, which, incidentally, is a large working mom, without hesitation, took custody in distress puppy.

Meeting Anna, the newest member of her family occurred recently on one of the freeways. A dog ran into the roadway at the moment when the artist with her husband and children: two sons and little daughter returned home. Fortunately, Vsevolod, husband of Bandicoot, was a very good reaction and he had time to press the brake pedal. On the way home the sons of Anna up with the charming and friendly black puppy’s name. The result is the baby called the Hake, according to “TN”.

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This original idea belongs to 10-year-old Misha. The eldest son of Bandicoot likes everything related to history and has an encyclopedic knowledge in this area. The hake is part of a respectful appeal to the Emperor in the land of the Rising sun. By the way, Mike recently participated in the filming of “the best!” with Maxim Galkin. In the Studio, he came to find friends with the same interests. He, unlike many of his classmates, can not imagine myself without books and museums, what is the cause of the misunderstanding between him and the rest of the guys.