Died bassist “lube” Pavel Usanov

Умер бас-гитарист «Любэ» Павел Усанов

In early April, the bass guitarist of group “lube” Paul Usanov was attacked. Men brutally beaten, because of what he went to the hospital, where he was in a coma for two weeks.

In the morning of the 19th April, the wife of the musician reported that Paul’s condition began to gradually improve, positive dynamics were observed. However, in the evening Usanov died.

The news of the tragedy appeared on the official page of “lube” in Facebook.

“Today was not Pasha Usanova, bass-guitarist of “lube”, a talented musician, a great guy and our good friend. It is a great sorrow for us, for family, for fans, for everyone who prayed for his recovery. We believed and hoped that Pasha would be okay, but no miracle occurred. He will always be with us in our hearts, in our memories. Grieve…”, — stated in the message.


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