Maxim Galkin has high hopes for their children

Максим Галкин возлагает большие надежды на своих детей

Two years ago, Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva gave birth to two children. Despite the fact that in order to become a full family couple had to resort to the services of a surrogate mother, love Maxim and Alla’s children is immeasurable.

Education Harry and Lisa starry’s parents spent a lot of time, and therefore, says the parodist, she hopes in the future his successors “not to disgrace the honor families.”

“We with Alla have always had together, and now well four. She had a peacefulness that was not there before”, — said the TV presenter and parodist. According to the artist, his missus knows the correct methods of upbringing, but because Maxim is sure that they with Alla the kids will grow up to be very talented. “Alla was directly involved in raising not only their children but grandchildren as well. And Christine, and her sons Denis and Nikita — self-creative personality. I find it reassuring, and I hope that our children Allah will not disgrace the honor of the family”, — said Galkin.

By the way, at this point Lisa and Harry are well spoken, doing creative work, learn English and do other developmental manipulations.

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