DiCaprio and Winslet rescued dying from cancer of a young mother

Ди Каприо и Уинслет спасли умирающую от рака молодую маму Gemma Nuttall learned that is sick with cancer during pregnancy. The expectant mother refused to take medication because they could hurt the baby. The star of “Titanic” helped the woman to cope with a terrible disease.
Ди Каприо и Уинслет спасли умирающую от рака молодую маму

At the first ultrasound the doctors found a 29-year-old Gemma has Natal ovarian cancer in an aggressive form. The woman needed a course of special drugs. But she refused medical treatment for fear of losing the baby. Because of this, the cancer has spread to adjacent organs. Natal were able to maintain a pregnancy, and soon became the mother of a healthy girl whom they named Penelope. But the cancer has not receded… the next day after the appearance of a daughter born doctors told Gemma that she was to live for about 6 months.

The only chance to save the young mother was immunotherapy, which offered her one of clinics of Germany. Treatment in a health facility cost prohibitive for women the amount of 300 000 pounds. The family of Gemma, these funds were not.

Natal with her mother started a charity collection on the Network, but to accumulate the necessary amount has proven difficult. Until came a lucky break – a call for help the Internet saw Hollywood star Kate Winslet. The actress got in touch with Gemma personally.

“I was so nervous, but she calmly asked how I feel, asked about the details of treatment,” said a young mother in an interview with reporters.

Kate and her longtime friend Leonardo DiCaprio auctioned “Three nights with Jack and rose” was the name of the characters in the cult film “Titanic”. Money for three dinners with the stars came at the expense of Gemma and gave her a chance at salvation.

Treatment of a young mother lasted for five months. Then the doctors re-examined the analyses Gemma confirmed that the cancer had receded, the metastases were not detected.

“I don’t know how to thank Kate. Without her my story would have been completely different. We thought that was the end, but then he heard her call, I still find it hard to believe it’s a miracle…” – said Nutall.Today Gemma is in remission. A young mother eagerly shares with friends new photos, which looks quite happy and healthy. “Thank you all for the kind words and support. We had a lovely day, and Penelope’s first time in her life ball. We understand that one day cancer may come back, but I hope to see my daughter grow!”– shared saved in social networks.
Ди Каприо и Уинслет спасли умирающую от рака молодую маму