Son of Ksenia Sobchak protested against her work

Сын Ксении Собчак протестует против ее работы On Thursday, the Central election Commission will consider the issue of official registration of the presenter as the presidential candidate. Apparently, Ksenia Sobchak plans to go in the next trip. The star admitted that the heir of Plato did not want to let her go.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who declared about their participation in the presidential elections, is actively campaigning activity. The star often go on business trips. So, in January, the celebrity went to Bali to talk to a possible sponsor of the campaign, and in February she is going to America. Plans Xenia presentations at the research centre and the University. If possible, Sobchak will go to the national prayer Breakfast, which traditionally gathers representatives of political and business elite.

Ksenia posted a touching scenes in the microblog, which captures the process of collecting my suitcase. In the picture you can see the son of TV presenter and Maxim Vitorgan. According to Sobchak, every time she goes on a business trip, kid expresses their protest.

“Plato accurately calculate the causal relationship. Once in the living room appears a suitcase, so mom goes again… The suitcase we have now the main enemy” – shared TV presenter.

Fans Sobchak were pricked in their publications, which appeared in social networks. “Cool baby”, “Pretty”, “I want this rabbit”, “All the feels”, “he Said, “Take me with you”, “Beauty”, “So touching”, “Cute”, wrote the subscribers of a celebrity. Star friends the presenter also expressed his delight in the comments to her post. “Pups,” said Alika Smekhova. According to Olga Slutsker, Ksenia – wonderful mother. “That’s why he doesn’t want you to leave. With you he is fun and well”, – said the businesswoman.

At the same time, some followers have denounced Xenia because she is working and not sitting home with the baby. The star admits that she’s hard to leave a little of Plato. According to Sobchak, parting with a baby is very hard. However, the presenter repeatedly explained why it is important to work hard and to participate in presidential elections. Xenia considers it important to Express its position and to find like-minded people.

Thursday, February 8, the Central election Commission will consider the issue of registration Sobchak as a presidential candidate. On Tuesday held meeting at which summarized the results of verification of signatures of the presenter. It turned out that the number of valid votes is enough to pass this stage of the electoral process. The headquarters of the journalist did a great job – it managed to find support in 56 regions of Russia. Their agreement with the position of Ksenia expressed more than 100 thousand people.