На Дану Борисову напала родная дочь The presenter continues to clash with former civilian husband Maxim Aksenov because of the common child. Says Dana Borisova and her heiress Pauline needs help of a qualified specialist to build communication with her mother.
На Дану Борисову напала родная дочь

TV presenter Dana Borisova, successfully recovered from addictions in Thailand, admits that she has strained relations with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. According to star, the businessman allegedly configures a daughter, Pauline, against her. Now the girl lives with the father, and Dana is trying to change the order of communication with the successor in court.

The teacher’s daughter Dana Borisova ignore her requests

Dana recently told reporters about how her communication with her daughter. The celebrity claims that Polina negatively behaved towards mother. During one meeting, the girl allowed herself to attack Dana. The behavior of the heiress greatly upset the TV presenter.

“She made me never in this time the mother has called, and says “Hey, you”. And when they met, Pauline grabbed my head and pulled out a tuft of hair, and then wanted to break a new coat. Beat mom’s all the wildness. In addition, Pauline flushed 700 thousand rubles and tried to drown there two my passport, which I luckily managed to catch and now the land,” – said Borisov correspondents, barely holding back tears.

According to This, the actions of her daughters speak for themselves. Star is confident that Pauline needed the assistance of a qualified specialist. At the same time, Maxim Aksenov believes that the girl is not in need of consultation of a psychologist.

“I found a therapist who worked in orphanages and ready for seven sessions to help build relationships Pauline with me, but Maxim does not let the daughter feels that she is healthy and therapeutic sessions don’t need it,” said Dana.

Currently, Maxim Aksenov preparing for a trip to another country. Ex-boyfriend Dana Borisova wants to take daughter with me. However, the star prevents the journey of Pauline, believing that Aksyonov should go meet her. “He will take her to a psychologist, and without his presence, then I will allow it”, – quotes celebrity Dni.ru.

We will add that not so long ago the network appeared the information about financial distress Borisova. The reason for the spread of rumors was the announcement Given on a dedicated site. The star decided to get rid of some items, including two fur coats of mink. She Borisov denies that is experiencing money problems. According to the woman, she begins a new stage, so getting rid of old things.Dana Borisova is selling personal items from couture