Diane Kruger about the breakup with Joshua Jackson

Диана Крюгер о расставании с Джошуа Джексоном

After 10 years of relationship Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson a year and a half ago announced the breakup. The actors wrote a short statement in which he said he went peacefully and remained friends. Detailed comments about their breakup, the pair were not given, but in a recent interview with Vulture Diana told some interesting facts about the, as it turned out, not a sudden decision to go their separate life paths.

Диана Крюгер о расставании с Джошуа Джексоном

41-year-old actress told the journalists that the decision to leave was not sudden. The actors went to him for a long time, so a surprise for Diana it wasn’t like the fans. “We broke up many months before he announced it, so I didn’t have the feeling of surprise. After ten years of relationship not break up overnight,” explained Kruger.

Despite the fact that 10 years of relationship are not not noticeable and Diana felt bad, she found the positive side of this difficult decision. The actress felt a sense of relief and freedom because she can now pay more attention to other aspects of her life. “I feel some relief because you stop worrying about things and unable to fully immerse yourself in something else,” added Diana.

Enough time has passed and the actors have found their second half. Diana is currently Dating actor Norman Reedus, as Jackson goes on a date with crystal reed. For the first time Diana and Norman were spotted together in new York, and that was proof of their affair. For a while the couple tried to hide their relationship, but soon made to understand that this was serious.

Диана Крюгер о расставании с Джошуа Джексоном

The actors were also seen together cooing at one of the bars in December last year. Witnesses who saw the lovers meet, said that those held at the bar for 4 hours, and then went for a walk on the evening streets. They held hands and had a nice conversation. “He and she looked like she had a great time,” says one of the random witnesses. Rumors about their affair started in 2015, when the stars aligned for shooting a joint film “Heaven”. The media discussed romantic feelings to the female Reedus. But her reps immediately denied the news. Moreover, at that time, she met actor Joshua Jackson. After a long 10 year relationship, they broke up in July 2016.

About their relationship fans found out via social networks. Diana then received an award at the Cannes film festival in the nomination “Best actress” in a drama “At the limit”. Lucky guy Kruger exposed photo beauty in your profile in instagram and signed with the words “Oh yeah!”. Short review actor supplied hearts, to which she replied, calling her boyfriend “baby.”

The victory of the famous actress noted not only her current lover, but the former. In contrast to Reedus, he was more verbose. He noted her attraction to the hard work and dedication of the acting business. He believes that ex-girlfriend is worthy of and worked hard that would earn. “She can!” begins the message in the social. network actor Joshua Jackson. “I was a witness of integrity and devotion with which you treat the work, and now I am in seventh heaven because you have received deserved recognition. I only have one question: why so long? Congratulations.”.