Ellen page married Emma Portner

Эллен Пейдж поженилась с Эммой Портнер

30-year-old Ellen page has legalized his marriage with dancer Emma Portner and told its subscribers in instagram. So did half Ellen, sharing photos, one of which shows a wedding ring.

Эллен Пейдж поженилась с Эммой Портнер

“I can’t believe you can call this extraordinary woman my wife,” he writes under the photo Ellen.

About the relationship Paige Portner and became known in July of last year. From the moment they are not shy to put pictures together and share their feelings to each other.

Recall that Ellen, like many other Actresses, were subject to harassment. Paige accused the Director Brett Ratner in harassment and homophobia. It was in the film “X-Men”, where Ellen played one of the mutants.

Ellen talked about their experiences on the Facebook page. “He tortured me with his rude expressions and homophobic behavior. I saw him on the set speaks to the women terrible things. Remember the woman walking in front of the monitor, which he said indecency on her genitals,” says the actress.

Ellen was only 18 years old. “Have sex with her, that she realized that she’s a lesbian,” said the Director during the shooting process. Thus he told his colleagues on the film about homosexuality page.

Recall that Ellen was not the only one who dared to talk about the harassment by the Director. Also about your unpleasant experience told actress Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. If Ellen was treated with obscenity, the physical Henstridge he was forced to engage in oral sex with him when she was only 19 years old. The case occurred in an apartment in new York. “He’s physical strength forced me to do it. At first I resisted and then surrendered. And it happened.” says the actress.

The story of Olivia Munn has long been known. She says that Ratner used the girl, to which he responded: “She was hanging out on the set of “After sunset”, so I slept with her a couple of times. And I forgot her. Then she came to audition for my series, and I don’t remember her. She got angry and started to write stories about how I ate the shrimp, which she brought me, and was masturbating in my trailer.”