Rare photo: Evgeni Plushenko compared myself as a child with plasim son

Редкая фотография: Евгений Плющенко сравнил себя в детстве с млашим сыном
The skater has published two shots of himself and Sasha in the same age and costumes.

Evgeny Plushenko for
comparisons published in the personal microblog
the two photographs. One of the pictures —
archival and incredibly rare. It
the future Olympic champion at the age of six years
posing in the costume of the Nutcracker. On the second
the picture almost in the exact same outfit
flaunts his youngest son Sasha. “One age and one and
the same suit,and shared a photo of exactly 30
years! Look like?” asked the skater fans. But, this time
subscribers dissuaded Eugene is
that Sasha — a copy of Eugene. “Sasha
very similar to mother Yana Rudkovskaya.
But it’s good to be happy. Dwarf
Gnomic in appearance looks just like Yana, and
here nature and ability to work
dad! A future champion! Copy of mom, in
contrast to the older son, Zhenya”, —
commenting on the publication of the athlete

It is worth noting that
Sasha Plushenko, four
years, it affects fans the way he
on the ice skating. And the “blame”
that is Eugene and Jan. Parents seem
decided in that whatever was to educate
the son of the Olympic champion. And that
they do.

Sasha first came to
skates when he was a year and 8 months.
He wore the smallest skates in the world
them famous, the family gave Federation
figure skating of Russia. Already in 2 years
when average children are just beginning
to explore the world, Sasha has started regular
training. All the time boy
holds at game machines and not for
communication with peers, and at the rink.
The fact that professional sports is serious
work, no doubt. All
athletes and Champions in their interviews
tell me about it. They did not know the other
life but hard work on the ice
injuries, broken knees, worn-out
feet… And certainly few of the Champions
decided to impose a life like his
children. But Plushenko has decided that this
the fate of the son comes. Incidentally, he
Eugene started only 4
year. And his son Alexander at this age already
went on the full tour
his famous father.