Diana’s father Shurygino blames himself for what happened with her daughter

Отец Дианы Шурыгиной винит себя за произошедшее с дочерью Alex gave a Frank interview. Dad Diana Shurygina believes that I didn’t pay enough attention to the education of daughters, so his heir is caught in a scandalous situation. However, the man to the last is ready to defend his family.
Отец Дианы Шурыгиной винит себя за произошедшее с дочерью

After the perpetrator of the rape of Diana Shurygina Sergey Semenov was released from prison, the scandal was again the center of attention of the audience. Recently, the girl’s father appeared on the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” and explained the situation.

However, in the end, Alex was unhappy with the transfer. The man gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about the challenges he had to face over the last year.

“The money we have as there was no and no. Even if they want it. Because of this notoriety, I can’t get a job. And if take the job then have to quit. For example, working at the car wash, came some videoblogger and began to run with phones around the machine shouting “the Father of Shurygino we scratched the car.” That’s because of this whole scandal, there is the fuss broke out. Of course, I was asked to leave. I have a lot to be arranged. But never came to work. It is for this reason,” said the man.

According to Alex, he attends the transfer is not for fame or money but to defend their position. The man was outraged when Semenov was released from prison, because he knew what a scandal will trigger a new twist in the story.

Now Shurigin is concerned, what glory surrounds his daughter. Moreover, he blames himself for what happened situation. Alex believes that paid little attention to the heiress, and that she had problems with education.

“My fault that I have not raised the daughter had little contact with her because a lot of work. Of course, Diana and I talked about many things in childhood and adolescence, but I had to spend much more time”, – said Alexey.

According to Shurygina, his daughter now devotes himself to his family and tries to distance himself from the scandal. He hopes that Diana will be able in the future to forget the history of rape and build a successful career. However, in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alex said he was ready to continue to prove the correctness of their position.