Maria Shukshin spoke about forgiveness ex-husband

Мария Шукшина заговорила о прощении бывшего мужа The actress does not hold a grudge against the father of my twins. Maria Shukshina admitted that her ex-husband Boris Vishnyakov, with whom they once fought a real war for children, asked for her forgiveness.

The daughter of famous parents, popular TV presenter Maria Shukshin – mother of many children. She’s growing four children and has one grandson. Younger children artist twins Thomas and Fock – Teens, they are now 12 years old. The boys were born in a civil marriage of Maria Shukshina with businessman Boris Vishnyakov. Their relationships officially the boys ‘ parents did not.

The differences in the pair began even before the birth of the twins. For some time, Maria and Boris had a relationship, although practically lived together. As written in the media in the late 2000s, business Verakova began to decline, for some time he worked , and only worked with children, while Mary, on the contrary, demand has devoted much time of his career. Four years later, Mary made the final decision to part forever with the former civil husband and raise children by herself. During this period, and began seriously that Boris Vishnyakov delivered to the public. He was interviewed in the press, participated in a talk show, making a loud statement that she was deprived of the father’s communication with children. The case went to trial and after only one meeting failed to reach an agreement on the participation Vishnyakova in the education of their sons. All this time Mary remained silent.

It turned out that she does not hold a grudge against the fathers of their sons. On his page in Instagram it is actively communicating with the Internet users and often responds to comments. One of podeschi wrote to Mary: “Masha! You are kind and sincere! And how far are you from the image that provided the public the father of twins (call him your husband does not want, he will not match)”. She unexpectedly replied to a comment, explaining that Vishnyakov really was not her husband, but asked her forgiveness.

“You’re right, he wasn’t my husband, although promoted under this name. A month ago he finally plucked up the courage and asked my pardon, calling it “a mistake” everything worked! I forgave a long time ago” – Frank wrote Maria Shukshina.

Maria, who last year celebrated 50-year-old anniversary, officially been married twice – Artem Tregubenko the first time, and for businessman Alexei Kasatkin. Now his personal life, the actress does not advertise.

According to some information, after some time Vishnyakov started Dating another famous woman Olympic champion in speed skating Svetlana Zhurova. But neither Svetlana or Boris publicly this information is not confirmed.