Participant of “Battle of psychics” is pursued by the maniac

Участника «Битвы экстрасенсов» преследует маньяк 21-summer Dmitry from Noumea threatens to drown Nikita Turchin in the Moscow river. The magician was so afraid of persecution inadequate fan that even went to the police.
Участника «Битвы экстрасенсов» преследует маньяк

The youngest participant of the 18th season of the “battle of the psychics” had to write a letter to the Prosecutor because of the persecution of the annoying fan. It all started with a harmless confession of love Nikita Turchin on social networks and ended with threats and the most clairvoyant, and his family. The young man shocked by what is happening and does not know how events will affect his career.

“It’s just awful! – outraged Nikita. – At first thought it was the usual crazy fan – Buzova a lot of them, but it turned out that he was sick. Because of this, Dmitri began a real persecution of me on the Internet. He always says that he loves me, questioning reputation and orientation. Even called and personally confessed to the senses. I replied that he went to the wrong address. I have the girl meet. So he and she began to threaten, scribbled in direct. Then spread to the parents. When I realized that reciprocity is not wait said that it would kill, and I will find somewhere in the Moscow river. A real maniac.”

Nikita remained nothing how to ask for help to the relevant authorities. A young man wrote a statement to the Prosecutor’s office to take action.

“Dmitry has already managed to intimidate my fans – continues Turchin. – I looked it up. He lives in Noumea, was not working, the days and nights spent behind the computer and hangs out in social networks under the assumed name. I really hope that the authorities will give him a suggestion”.

Meanwhile, the star of “the battle of psychics” continues to go to College, to do, to help people and even animals. Recently, Nikita together with famous Ufa photographer Juliana Shaikhullina released a charity calendar, the proceeds from the sale of which will go to feed the dogs from the shelters. The project involved more than 20 dogs in 12 different images. To buy a calendar through the Internet and in bookstores.

Recall that Nikita Turchin became the youngest participant in the history of “the battle of psychics”. The guy is only 17 years old, and he has established himself as one of the most brilliant magicians of the eighteenth season. Along with senior colleagues Nikita predicts the future and the past, tells about the fate of the dead and finds people. The guy works by using magical keys, which, according to him, is able to open any door. Metal objects he collects from childhood.

Because of comely appearance, many thought that Nikita had worked as a model and interested in PR.

“The model has never been, but I blog everything on the Internet for a long time, – has shared with “StarHit” the psychic. – As for the PR, if well sung, would go to “the Voice”, if dancing, then chose the “Dancing”. Or went on “House 2” to become famous. But I initially knew about the ability, and therefore wrote the request to “Battle of psychics.” Maybe I’m just an empath and able to feel good about people and empathize with them.”

Nikita has big plans for the future, and they are associated exclusively with the psychic. The young man does not deny that participation in the project made him famous all over the country, but he’s still not going to put up with excessive impudence and outright threats of fans.