Designers refused to wear a plus size model because of her weight

Дизайнеры отказались одевать модель plus size из-за ее веса

One of the most popular size models plus size caught in an awkward situation. Her appearance on the cover of glossy magazines was in jeopardy because of the so-called sizism.

Several designers refused to provide her things for the filming with the participation of Ashley Graham. In a letter to the chief editor said Alexandra Shulman, the British Vogue.

The fact that Ashley Graham was invited to decorate the cover of the magazine in January 2017. By this point in the account model plus size has been a lot of photo shoots in publications such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and others. However, not all designers have evaluated a rich portfolio of podium stars. As it turned out, the principles of body positivity has not yet spread everywhere.

In his letter to the editor Shulman said that the brand Coach is very quickly responded to the request to provide clothes for shooting plus-size model. “Unfortunately, there were other brands that flatly refused to provide us your clothes. I think it’s very strange… while the world desperately needs a fashion that breaks down stereotypes and celebrates the moral beauty of some of our most famous fashion brands, apparently, are moving in a completely different direction,” the letter said. Alexandra Shulman also noted that the cause of sizism (discrimination by size and weight) may be the reluctance of brands and designers associated with fashion for thick women.