Daughter of Mikhail Baryshnikov flashed open neckline

Дочь Михаила Барышникова блеснула откровенным декольте

24-year-old Anna Baryshnikov visited the award Critics’ Choice Awards.

The middle daughter of the famous ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov Anna rarely published, but when it happens, photographers just can’t take my eyes off her.

At the meeting in Los Angeles award Critics’ Choice Awards lit up with many stars: Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. And though Anna compared to them haven’t quite held the representative of factory of dreams, it was no less attention. And all because the actress came to the social event in a very revealing dress with a neckline literally to the navel (interestingly, the Pope approved the choice?).

Journalists at the event noticed that her daughter Baryshnikov is increasing its copy, at least, she inherited all of dad’s facial features. And that’s what the girl went the other way, so it is in his career.

Anna, though from ballet dynasty (her mother, Lisa Rinehart, also a ballet dancer), but decided to tie your life to another stage and went to acting classes.

Initially famous dad doesn’t particularly approve of the passion for her daughter. But when in 2010 Anna played a small role in the TV series “Blue blood”, then in the TV show “$ Sam”, “the Mysteries of Laura”, Mikhail slowly began to believe in the success of his daughter.

And in October of this year at the new York film festival, where the premiere of the film “Manchester by the sea”, where Anne played the daughter of a dancer, Michael came along with her to support her. Then the actor proudly told everyone how diligently studying his daughter. Looks like he finally made peace with the fact that the ballerina Anna becomes.

By the way, when the name Anne is found in the credits, not all at once guess that this girl – the daughter of that Baryshnikov, and all because her name writing in a foreign manner, reducing the last letter and it turns out Anna Baryshnikov.