Дизайнер свадебного платья принцессы Дианы о свадебном наряде Меган Маркл

65-year-old Welsh fashion designer David Emanuel became famous primarily through the dresses created for Princess Diana. Journalists could not ask the designer what kind of outfit that would offer to the future wife of Prince Harry.

“What would I put on Megan? I would choose the smooth material and clean color, and a long tail. It may not look like a sex bomb at the wedding, but it must be a Royal”, said the designer.

For Diana Spencer, he created a magnificent wedding gown is made of silk of ivory color, adorning the outfit with pearls, sequins and vintage lace. The partnership of David and Diana never ceased, and he continued to create outfits for her tours. “When Diana entered the room, she illuminated her. I miss it. Miss her in the fun. She had sparkly eyes and a lot of mischief. She was sweet and caring. Whenever I worked on the dress, she wrote a note that thanked me. Even when in a hurry, always found a minute to take a pen. She was beautiful, straightforward and very special,” remembered the late Princess fashion designer.

Recall, choosing a dress for a celebration, the future wife of Prince Harry were guided by their own taste and advice of her friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney. “Megan and Jessica was at the first dress fitting and had the opportunity to choose among several options of design. Megan said what she likes and what not. She asked to use her favorite elements: embroidery and sleeves,” says the insider, adding that the name of the designer knows only a narrow circle of five.

Royal chronicler Omid Scobie said in an interview with Good Morning America that the wedding dress Markle will be “simple, stylish and very elegant.” “Discussed a lot of options and eventually chose the best of them,” talks about fitting dresses Scobie.

Prince Harry gave the freedom of action of his beloved’s choice of dress. It is also reported that Jessica Mulroney helps the bride of the Prince and in the preparation of other components of the celebration. A source from the Royal entourage added that Mulroney’s daughter will be a girl-a flower girl in a wedding, as Princess Charlotte.