Alla Pugacheva tried to prevent the failure of Yulia Samoilova at Eurovision

Алла Пугачева пыталась предотвратить провал Юлии Самойловой на «Евровидении»
Ward disobeyed the Diva.

Julia Samoylova

Photo: @jsvok Instagram Yulia Samoilova

Not the most spectacular performance of Yulia Samoilova at the “Eurovision” remains the theme of the week. Representatives of domestic show-business have expressed different views on the room of the singer. Leonid Agutin, for example, sure that the competition should send a stronger vocalist. Joseph Prigogine called the speech of Julia “not the best” and suggested that she was not working ear monitor. Diana Gurtskaya stood up for Samoylova, saying that they did not understand why people talk about the poor performance of Julia. And here Alla Pugacheva, whose ward is Julia, still silent…

But she made a statement stylist Samoilova — Alisher owners (a close friend of Alla’s). He gave the secret that Pugachev was against the trip Julia for Eurovision in Portugal. She tried to dissuade from this idea Samoylova, but the young singer was confident to dream to Express themselves in the most popular international song contest.

“I tell you a secret: we even Alla Borisovna is discussed. She also told Julia,” – said Alisher, the radio station “Moscow speaking”. Interestingly, he also admitted, say, to stage more spectacular the rooms need a good funding. But officials estimate that Samoilov in total, we spent at least 15 million rubles (this amount includes a mandatory fee for all participants, hotel and airfare business class for the whole team and also the services of hairdressers, stylists and photographers).

Recall that in 2013, Julia became famous all over the country thanks to Alla Borisovna, who was a mentor Samoilova in the TV show “the Factor And”.