Что Ева Грин и Мэтт Диллон делают в Московской области?

Customers of a supermarket in Moscow region without a trip to Hollywood were able to take a picture with 37-year-old actress Eva green, known for the films “the Dreamers”, “Casino Royale”, the TV series “Scary tales”. Green was accompanied by the actor Matt Dillon, who also took pictures with fans. What is forgotten in Russian stores famous stars?

The actors had to transform into “earth” clothes, and will appear without makeup Hollywood for the filming of the movie Proxima French Director Alice Vinokur. Some scenes in the movie shot at Star city in Moscow region, so the stars and ended up in Russia. On the Internet you can see the scenes shot in other places: Eva green and Matt Dillon in spacesuits around a campfire, with the guards, surrounded by colleagues.

The film Proxima bude dedicated space: Eva green will play a female astronaut who is preparing to fly to the International space station.

Recall that in a future film “Dumbo” by Tim Burton will play Eva green, who ubdet to work with the Director for the third time. She got the role of the French aerial gymnast Colette. We are negotiating with Danny DeVito. If he will sign the contract on the cooperation, will play Vandemere, who is in the film. Colette.

Burton’s film will combine elements of film and computer graphics. The shooting of the film has not yet begun, but judging by the fact that this week the project received two of the actors Disney wants to start filming soon.

Dumbo — the film version of the classic disney film Disney studios released in 1941. This is the fourth feature-length animated film Studio Walt Disney, but the short (duration of the cartoon is only 64 minutes). “Dumbo” was supposed to patch holes in the budget of the Studio after financial losses from “Fantasia.”