Designer Alisher confused by Alla Pugacheva cheeky offer

Дизайнер Алишер смутил Аллу Пугачеву дерзким предложением Stylist persuaded the Diva to try on a sequined outfit. Surprising image of Alla Pugacheva has made an indelible impression on her fans. They found a star incredibly sexy, and called Alisher continue to dress her in the same spirit.

      Stylist Alisher quite a long time and very successfully working with Alla Pugacheva. Saying that it was he convinced Diva to abandon the hoodies and baggy dresses, offering her a completely new style. He invented for her a bold image of a business and romantic woman at the same time, who liked Alla Borisovna and every time enthralls her fans. Alla Pugacheva publicly appealed to the former son-in-law

      Meanwhile, the designer continues his bold experiments with the style of the prima Donna, showing that she can look even younger and more beautiful. On the eve of the journalist has placed in his microblog new picture of Alla Pugacheva, which she sealed in an unexpected way. Stylish Diva costume all embroidered with sequins.

      “Here do for Alla merry things for life to sexy pexy looked like, but she’s shy. Barely persuaded to take a picture in it, Yes even without makeup. For me, Alla looks unreal! I am happy that Allah became another, and slowly, but goes on experiments”, wrote Alisher under the photo Pugacheva.

      Subscribers stylist was thrilled with his new job and how amazing it looks in a stylish suit, embroidered with sequins, Alla. “I never thought that Luke Alla Pugacheva’m going to screenshot, but she’s wow, so, Yes, I am!”, “Alla is in giving!”, “Wow, Alisher, did did! Beauty!”, “Alisher, brother, you’re God! Alla just fire!”, “I wish that you was born too late, Alisher. Navertyvat now. Raduy us with the legend,” “Our favorite Firebird”, “Wow. Unreal beauty! Very suitable Alla Borisovna”, “Alisher! Continue in the same direction! Very cool” – admiringly speak for the fans.

      Meanwhile, not only numerous fans, but also colleagues Divas often say that with age she began to look even better. According to friends of the artist, taking care of children, twins Lisa and Harry, helping her to always remain cheerful and happy. As she says Alla Pugacheva, it sometimes affects the abilities and interests of the heirs. Her daughter loves to dress up. “She’s a fashionista. Always chooses herself that will wear, and how it will look. Even more to say, she tells me what to wear and what jewelry to choose,” admitted Alla.