Maria Pogrebnyak laughed at the “Golden” youth

Мария Погребняк посмеялась над «золотой» молодежью Footballer’s wife makes a video for a song about the manners of twenty years. Maria Pogrebnyak with a friend, wife, lawyer Vadim Lyalin Tatiana recorded a debut track called “Majors”. Aspiring vocalists are going to blow up the Internet of the future video.

      Мария Погребняк посмеялась над «золотой» молодежью

      The wife of a famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria masters a new profession. A young woman who is the mother of three sons, a successful designer and fashion model, now undertook to conquer the musical Olympus. Maria Pogrebnyak began to sing. Not just one, but a duet with her friend, wife of a prominent lawyer and the star’s Instagram, Tatiana Lyalina. Mother Maria Pogrebnyak flashed his chest

      Two successful ladies have already recorded a song of his own composition, entitled “Majors,” and on Sunday, April 2, started filming a video for the song. The beautiful blonde confessed that the song they make fun of the mores of the “Golden” youth of the beginning of the twenty-first century. “The video for the song “Majors” will be released somewhere in mid-April. The first verse of the song we came up with Tanya Lyalina: sat, laughed, remembering myself, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube as resting young people in 20 years. And turned the track”, – said the “StarHit” Maria Pogrebnyak. According to the wife of a famous football player, they’re not going to sing. Clip dedicated to the presentation of a line of jackets for young people.

      “We came up with a very interesting history, it will be really funny as a Comedy,” said Maria Pogrebnyak.

      The young woman has managed to publish in the blog a couple of videos telling about how is working on a future video that will surely blow up the Internet. “It will be hot” – hopefully signed one of the rollers Maria Pogrebnyak.

      Maria Pogrebnyak and Tatyana Lyalin told earlier that the plot in the video will be racing in expensive cars and swimming in the Golden pool. The clip is removed singer Stas Kostyushkin. He, apparently, plays the role of traffic police.

      “Girls, how lovely!”, “Looking forward to the release of your clip,” he responded to what he saw in his Pogrebnyak her fans.

      It is worth noting that charming wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Mary is a style icon for his many followers, the number of which reaches half a million people. Fans of the blonde beauty with the figure of top models are regularly asked to share her beauty secrets and style. Maria always going to meet their needs and often tells how she manages to keep an amazing figure and looks, and to combine self-care with concerns about her husband and three sons.