Yevgeny Yevtushenko: “a Poet is a debtor!”

Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!» “StarHit” recalls the most vivid statements of the writer. 1 APR died the great Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. He was the idol of several generations, the favorite of millions of Russians, mostly Soviet heartthrob and an avid football fan.

      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      The St. Petersburg correspondent of the “StarHit” met several times by Yevgeny Alexandrovich – once even brought him to sign the book “All Yevtushenko,” to which the master ironically remarked: “Do you think that the book contains “all” Yevtushenko?”, – clearly alluding to the fact that his works are much more than collected in the collection in which a thousand pages. “StarHit” recalls the most vivid statements of the writer about love, Russia, women, poetry and football.

      About poetry

      Evgeny was an actor, writer, even tried his hand at directing, but the main thing in his life was, of course, poetry. Here is what he said about it: “I still believe that without poetry we do not build, do not create anything worthwhile! I even have such lines: “Russia without Russian poetry would have been as huge in Luxembourg…”

      “A few years ago, together with Mikhail Zadornov decided to hold a poetry evening in the Kremlin Palace of congresses – while many reacted to this idea with skepticism, how much was “FOM the unbelievers.” Even Dima Dibrov everyone told me: “Evgeny, you’re still an incorrigible idealist, if you want to resurrect 60 years at the current background is destroyed when the love of poetry, no young outstanding poets”. At the end of his monologue, he suddenly said that eat his hat in case of full house… the Hall was not only crowded, but 70 percent consisted of the public under 25 years of age. Dibrov and his hat still had not eaten,” – said Yevtushenko.
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      In an interview, he admitted that he would like to present poetry did not lose citizenship. “The poet is a debtor!” – said Yevtushenko.

      “It starts with the fact that everyone needs: he needs to his teachers in literature needs of his people, needs people to help find the truth, to be guided in this world. The poet needs to penetrate the essence of phenomena, to be able to foresee, to “read” thoughts, feelings. It is necessary for everyone to write! And even for those who disagree with you. Good poetry is capable of making people in other to make it better. And myself it has done better…”.
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      He said he writes for all, and he has no target audience. Once the poet had a chance to read poems by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was present at the evening of memory of Anatoly Sobchak. Then Putin came to Yevtushenko and said, “Dear Evgeny, you don’t know half the things I know, but I just wonder how you all correctly formulated”.

      About what you don’t.

      “You know, I hate two words in Russian: promotion and party. Wrote something like: “We changed the friendship, as besovka, wagging his hips party.” Turn on the TV and realize that now trying to spin the zeros, which lip-synch, but still a null text. And inflate the bubble to the size of sports arenas and stadiums.”

      About his style

      In one of his visits to St. Petersburg, arriving in winter in the concert hall “October”, Evgeny told me about their bright and stylish shirts that he wears.

      “This is blue satin, of my design, it comes with a cap. At my request, the shirt has four hidden pockets for documents, papers. I sewed her one immigrant from the Soviet Union, after all, the Americans this shirt would never have been able to sew! I invented some chip design for their shirts. I was even offered in America to open a shop, but I’m not up to it – all work. Invited them: “Let us right in front of the store will do a bar!”
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      About alcohol

      Evgeny considered himself a “good bartender.” Indeed, he knew a lot about good wine, loved chacha, vodka and many other alcoholic beverages. He recalls that when he was young, often drinking vodka – in this case, at the time, he was fond of card games played “blind” – although preferansist missed to do so. They put him a condition: “Drink from the bottle, no snacks of vodka, then we’re going to play!”

      “Intoxicated I almost never wrote poems! Just at the moment when I start to drink the process I’m sinking, I want to go on – why do I still have to deal with nonsense (smiles)? But for myself, I learned one simple thing: the wine multiplies the state in which you are. Therefore, if you are depressed, it is better not to resort to alcohol, because your depression will only increase…”, – gave advice to Yevtushenko.
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      About the past

      “No matter how tempting, to return to the past is not worth it… I think there was quite a lot of bad, but I’m sorry that we threw away much good from the past. Don’t know where the mutual aid between people in difficult times it’s always been! At the present time, each for itself, the word “party” replaced the term “friendship”. It seems to me that now less than decent people. I think this is due to the huge number of temptations…”

      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      About the spouse of Mary

      Surprisingly, all of his wives Yevtushenko always spoke with great love and warmth. He said that with each one he could spend the rest of my life – but circumstances are otherwise. For many years his wife remained Maria Novikova, who until recently was with him. Close by Yevgeny Yevtushenko called the cause of his death

      “Yes, Masha thirty-year age difference, but she doesn’t count. I have devoted the following lines: “Beloved, I beg you, learn to be a little mother…” it is Curious, but she maybe in some situations to treat me in a motherly way, and I’m three times almost died. In many ways, what I live and what I still love your work – its merit. I am very grateful for that. Love is an amazing fusion of, the highest point of nature, when man and woman do not feel the boundaries between body and soul. This is what makes it beautiful, and nothing above that. When the body merges with the soul, you don’t know where your soul is, and where the body is,” admitted the poet.
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»

      About football

      The main passion of the poet was the sport he loved tennis, but special attention is paid to football. By Yevgeny Alexandrovich could spend hours talking about the game, and not only about modern athletes, but also about the glorious Soviet times. He even wrote a book “My futbolita”. When I three years ago I asked him a question about the game of our team, then heard the response: “Look at our team it hurts!”

      “I didn’t work out great goalkeeper. Even some time played for the reserves the famous team “Dynamo”, but had to choose another path. I still remember the days of the Soviet players, such as Vsevolod Bobrov, Alexei Khomich, Sergey Salnikov… the USSR played the other guys: after a match or training session they had to walk from the stadium “Dynamo”, and not cut through to the luxury cars in the city – all of them were good-natured and pleasant, not that the current football “stars” that are getting millions of dollars, secretly think, how would quickly fade away! Believe me, it is!” – says Yevtushenko.
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»
      Евгений Евтушенко: «Поэт – это должник!»