Depardieu appeared in Sheremetyevo airport in a wheelchair

Депардье появился в Шереметьево в инвалидном кресле

Fans concerned about the state of the actor.

Gerard noticed on a wheelchair. 5 September at the airport of Los Angeles photographers captured Gerard Depardieu: the actor was accompanied by the officer who transported him to a wheelchair.

This time the actor’s arrival in Moscow and Massandra wines tasting of typical products in the framework of the Yalta economic forum and prior to departure, according to witnesses, Gerard felt good.

It turned out that the star constantly flies as a VIP guest, and often resorts to the help of airport employees.

“Gerard Depardieu we always fly as a VIP guest, told LifeNews employee of the Department of passenger service in Sheremetyevo airport. — He’s not the first time we have resorted to the help of the carriage with the wheelchair. We treat with understanding to all the desires of the passengers.”

Recall, recently it became known that Campbell can remain confined to a wheelchair. Photos taken by the paparazzi at the airport in new York, cast fans of “black Panther” in shock. The owner of a luxurious feet, the model Naomi Campbell appeared in a wheelchair. And obviously did not want to be identified. Hiding the face under the hat with a huge brim.

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