Yulia Volkova admitted that he beat cancer

Юлия Волкова призналась, что победила рак

The ex-soloist of “Tatu” for the first time told about how he lost his voice due to a terrible disease.

The disease caught up with Julia a few years ago, but then the singer didn’t want to dwell on the subject for various reasons. The doctors have diagnosed in 2012, during routine inspections.

Thyroid cancer sounds like a death sentence for an artist. God forbid something goes wrong during the surgery and all, you can forget about the scene. This particular scenario occurred in the life of ex-soloist of group “Tatu”. During the tumor removal, the doctors damaged a nerve Yulia voice. The operation did Volkova in Moscow, although many urged her to go for treatment abroad.

“In 2012, during the examination I was diagnosed with cancer. After necessary tests, the doctors confirmed I had cancer of the thyroid gland. During surgery to remove the tumor voice I damaged the nerve. When I woke up after anesthesia, was about to speak, but I just didn’t have a voice, I whispered. It was the most critical moment in my life, admitted Volkova in the broadcast of the program “Mirror for the hero”.

Perhaps if not cancer, Julia swift solo career after the breakup of pop group “Tatu” would have today a great success. However, sing 31-year-old actress after the operation was no longer able.

“I didn’t want anyone to talk about it. Because, well, people are different and have different attitude towards it. Someone happy, finally this happened to her! Type all, let’s just sit at home. Come to be known, and that you too broke up, the wings flapped. Besides, I don’t like these moments of pity,” said Julia.

We will remind, during the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Sochi immediately caught my eye, or rather in the ears of the spectators, – a hoarse voice Volkova. The girl just could not speak, instead of giving out hoarse sounds. Then the singer and the truth is not told about cancer, but only referred to problems with ligaments(read more here).

Now with the voice of Yulia Volkova, things are much better, it can speak, and even sing. All thanks to three surgeries on the vocal cords. Two operations in Germany helped a little, but the third, which she did in Korean Seoul, has been successful.

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