Denis Matrosov took his wife and son from the hospital

Денис Матросов забрал жену и сына из роддома The actor is in a state of euphoria over the birth of an heir. Denis Matrosov believes that his son will be the happiest person in the world because he was born on Easter, and took his doctor Anastasia Angelova.

      Денис Матросов забрал жену и сына из роддома

      Actor Denis Matrosov, less than a week ago, on Easter, that delighted their fans the wonderful news about the birth of his son, again reported positive development. The doctors were discharged from the hospital his wife Olga and newborn heir.

      Denis Matrosov posted photos from the meeting of his two favorite people in the microblog, accompanied by the emotional commentary, on which we can draw the conclusion that the young father is in a state of happiness and even euphoria. So in Mature males is affected by the birth of their children. “Home! Thanks to our wonderful doctors – Oksana Sergeevna, Oksana Vitalievna and Anastasia Angelova! You just imagine to be born on may 1, the feast of Easter, and in the first second of life to be in the hands of Angeloni! Son, you’re lucky! Remember this is all my long life! Now in this world two brothers, two Matrosov, senior Leo and Taurus younger! We love you very much!”, – written by Denis Matrosov.

      Pass so many wonderful post fans of the actor silently failed. Commenting on the new addition to the family Matrosova, they want the newborn and his parents only the best. “Cool! Congratulations, huge baby’s health!”, “To extract! Happiness to you, health, love” – written by followers of Matrosov. By the way, Denis Matrosov and his lover Olga has received more than three thousand congratulations on the birth of your son. The actor has promised fans that he later every answer personally.

      Recall that he was born the heir, Denis Matrosov reported in his microblog. Baby weighing 3530 grams and height of 50 cm was born on may 1, Easter. The happy father was present at birth, supporting the mother of his child, and then placed the joint to her a photo taken straight into the delivery room.

      Couple have not yet announced the name of the baby. In a recent interview with Denis Matrosov told me that he and Olga there is no consensus about how to name the son. Parents probably still arguing about the name for a worthy heir. But the actor knew in advance that it will present at birth, it didn’t frighten this process. In his opinion, joint childbirth only bring favorite people.

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