Catherine Gordon had surgery on his eyes

Екатерина Гордон сделала операцию на глаза Star decided on this procedure because of vision problems. Catherine Gordon admitted that without a lens could barely see. She was very afraid of the operation, but experienced ophthalmologists assured her that everything will be painless.

      Екатерина Гордон сделала операцию на глаза

      35-year-old Catherine Gordon ventured into surgery for vision correction. According to famous blondes over the past few years it has dropped to -4. The only salvation were the lenses, but they are very tired eyes. To important step Catherine was prepared almost three years, carefully checking every ophthalmologist, who advised friends. Followers of Gordon in the microblogging asked her to give preference to foreign medicine, choosing a doctor, for example, in Israel. But the journalist still chose on the Moscow clinic “New look” on Pyatnitskoe highway. “StarHit” were photos from the operating room.

      Екатерина Гордон сделала операцию на глаза

      According to Catherine, she chose a procedure called “option”. Specialists conducted Femto Lasik is effective procedure through which the patient can attain perfect eyesight in no time. Rehabilitation Gordon will have to spend only one day. During this time the star was forbidden to use decorative cosmetics, pool and sauna, to abstain from alcohol and limit physical activity.

      Catherine felt cheerful before surgery and responded well to the process of vision correction femtosecond laser. In the photos, the star is smiling and pleased that he will now see everything to the smallest detail.

      “I suffered a few years with poor eyesight. Promised it to recover after childbirth, but my son is the fourth year. The last time I went solely with a personal driver. I’m just happy that I saw in the truest sense of the word and very grateful to everyone who helped me with the online broadcast of the periscope to deal with my fear,” said Kate.
      Екатерина Гордон сделала операцию на глаза

      By the way, Catherine Gordon are not one of those ladies who are willing to go under the surgeon’s knife, guided by the motto: “Beauty requires sacrifice”. To use the services of specialists famous blonde forced, as a rule, serious health problems. For example, a month ago, the singer did a rhinoplasty to correct a deviated after childhood trauma nose. According to Katya, in the radical beauty treatment she decided only because of breathing problems. The TV star was even called the decision “a feat”, confessing just before the operation, that such an act dared the example of their colleagues.

      “In life it is, of course, not particularly noticeable, but when professionally exposed to light it becomes obvious that the nose is not smooth. Half my life I’ve put off this decision, but, appreciating a well done rhinoplasty from their colleagues, thought about it seriously,” admitted “StarHit” Catherine.

      Екатерина Гордон сделала операцию на глаза

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