Evgeni Malkin will be a dad

Евгений Малкин станет папой Famous hockey player and his girlfriend are preparing for the birth of the first child. They have been together for about two years. For Anna Malkin Kosterova moved to North America and left a successful career of TV presenter. In 2015, the sportsman proposed to her.

      Евгений Малкин станет папой

      Striker of the national team of Russia on hockey Evgeny Malkin and his other half, TV presenter Anna Kosterova currently expect the addition to your family. The child will be the first for both parents. This good news happy stars shared during the documentary “Evgeni Malkin. Among the Russian “Penguin”, which today showed the First channel.

      “Since I’m in position, I want a lot there, and, basically, I need to eat, and have everything you need. About diets I forgot, but still trying to keep fit, do sports. But Jack constantly feeds me… In fact, he’s in the family — a tough leader, and I don’t contradict him, only slightly resist, — has shared with journalists Anna Masterova.

      Евгений Малкин станет папой

      Recall, Malkin and Kasarova been together for two years. They have been aware of before, but really became close in recent years. Anna confesses that he could not resist the charisma and the pressure of Eugene, which is touching and cared for her. Once the athlete even brought specially to Masterovoy real tiger. Anna was really surprised, for such a gift to remember her for a long time. In organizing this surprise Malkin helped his buddy Edgar Zapashny.

      In 2015 there is information that Malkin made a proposal to his sweetheart, and she moved for him in North America, leaving the work in Russia. As recognized Kasarova in an interview, she would not go on about feelings and quit his successful career on TV for fleeting affair. Therefore, the change of residence was for Anna considered and deliberate step.

      29-year-old Evgeni Malkin is one of the best Russian players. In 2012 and 2014 he was the world Champion, Malkin has several times participated in the Olympic games. The athlete is the Stanley Cup, Malkin is also the first Russian player who received the Conn Smythe Trophy. At the moment, Eugene plays for the Pittsburgh penguins, the hockey contract with the American club expires in five years. According to coach Eugene Mike Sullivan, Malkin is a hard worker and he is a great pleasure to win. Sullivan sincerely admire the passion Malkin for the game, as well as the skill of the Russian athlete.

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