Денис Матросов закатил барбекю-пати в честь наследника The actor told “StarHit”, how was the rite of baptism. Denis Matrosov and his lover Olga has chosen for the sacrament, the temple of the Holy Talcahuano in the suburbs. Their son Fyodor behaved well during the ceremony: didn’t cry and wasn’t afraid of anything. After the ceremony all went to a party at the house of happy parents.

      Денис Матросов закатил барбекю-пати в честь наследника

      The sacrament was held in the Church of St. Uaros in the suburbs. Godparents Fedi, who was born in Easter – may 1, were the friends of the actor and his sweetheart Olga. Denis has shared with “StarHit” the details of the holiday.

      Denis Sailors christened son

      The ceremony took place on 6 August. The date was chosen not by chance, it’s the nearest Saturday to August 5 – the day when canonized Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, in whose honor and named the baby. The temple of the Holy Martyr Uaros is near the house of the actor. And father Andrew, who baptized the boy, has long been familiar with Dennis three years ago sanctified the house of the stars.

      “Olya and experienced as Fyodor will feel during the ceremony, told the “StarHit” Sailors. – He did not cry even when it dipped into the font. Considered all around. Still in the hospital the doctors were amazed that the son looked and looked, because usually babies don’t focus my mind. At home we called him Mr. Lubetkin. At the end of the christening, when hungry, Fyodor still cross. He’s the guy “natural”, any bottle will not help here. Endured to the end. And when he was carried into the altar, stop crying”.
      Денис Матросов закатил барбекю-пати в честь наследника

      The godfather was a friend and neighbor of actor Alexander, who is engaged in the construction business. According to Matrosov, his eldest son from a previous marriage Vanya inseparable son of Alexander Theme. Anastasia’s godmother, best friend, Olga, gave Fedor a small gold cross on a string, icon, Fyodor Ushakov and baptismal shirt.

      “After the ordinances reached our house, where I continue to celebrate,” says Denis Matrosov. – In the back yard Olya and organized a BBQ-party with barbecue. Going 35 people. Among them, the champion bodybuilder Yuri Golubev, who at one time led me to the Holy Matrona. First I offered him to become godfather, but he already has four of his godson. We have presented so many things that have not yet had time to unpack all the boxes”.

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