Олимпиада-2016: чем запомнилась первая неделя Игр This year on one of the major events around the world — international summer sports in Brazil compete more than 11 thousand athletes from 206 countries of the world. It is too early to draw conclusions, but it is possible to perform the first days of this major event. “StarHit” decided to recall the brightest moments of competitions.

      That brings me to the end of the first week of the Olympics, which began on 6 August. This year one of the main events in the world of sports went far not all Russian athletes. The right to represent their country in Rio de Janeiro won the 284 people who will compete in 23 sports.

      the difficulties of the Russian team in Rio

      Thousands of fans of two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva with a sinking heart watched the troubles occurred in the life of the famous jumper with a pole. As a result, the Elena will go to Brazil, but not as a contestant, but as a candidate in the Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

      Yelena Isinbayeva will make it to the Olympics in Rio

      Not much less because of a doping scandal has affected other athletes in total for the competition are not allowed 103 of the athlete. The people of Russia have actively supported our athletes numerous words of support on social networks. Celebrity also did not remain indifferent to the situation.

      The scandals associated with the Olympics has not ended. Russian athletes booed before the relay 4×100 meters freestyle. But it has not shaken the power of the spirit of Champions. Swimmer Vladimir Morozov told journalists that the incident did not surprise him. Moreover, it is assumed that this will be the reaction of fans from different countries. In this competition, our team finished fourth, without a medal.

      The same emotions, the audience greeted the swimmer Julia Yefimov, a three-time medalist of the Olympic games. Previously, the athlete from the USA Lilly king criticized the young woman’s raised finger, which Efimova showed first. King was still not happy after this act Julia and remembered the situation with the doping scandal. Subsequently, however, Lilly went back down: the President apologized and called the Russian, who received a silver medal, a great athlete. However, rival Efimova congratulated her with a second place that was very disrespectful to her. Upset about what came first, the young woman broke down crying in an interview. She told reporters that the achievement was given to her great difficulty — she didn’t sleep much, was sick and was worried. The only thing that kept Julia — constant training.

      Swimmer Yuliya Efimova was struck by the candid snapshots

      To the Russian athletes in General was not very friendly. According to 11-time world champion, synchronized swimming Alexandra Patskevich, athletes in every possible way ignored — they refuse to shake hands or congratulate with good results. The young woman never encountered such treatment in my entire career. In an interview with reporters Patskevich described the situation as “a nightmare.”

      Recently Patskevich came and did a blatant case. Unknown broke into the hotel-house, where the Russian team, and tore down the flags from the balcony, then tied them in knots. The athletes brought them back to the place, however, arriving after practice, found that the flags had disappeared.

      The Russian Olympic Committee sent a letter to the organizing Committee of the games in Rio with the request to understand what happened. At the same time, the head of the Russian delegation on the Olympic games Igor Kazikov told the media that the flag, which Patskevich hung on the door of his room and could make oversize. According to him, he did not see strangers on site.

      The whole truth about the Olympics in Rio: the queue for food, checking for dope and stealing

      The international Olympic Committee has called the situation and other similar incidents are unacceptable and advised all participants of the Games to remember about the Olympic values. They suggest that athletes build bridges, not walls are erected. Communications Director of the IOC mark Adams also announced that the organization want to know about all cases of such behavior.

      In his “Instagrame” Patskevich thanked everyone who expressed support to her and other athletes.

      “We try not to pay attention to what is happening around, to be above these squabbles and intrigues. We arrived in Rio for the victory we are striving for it and will do everything to win!.. Well detractors we wish happiness and all the best, we smile all the evil!”, — shared synchronised swimmer Alexandra Patskevich in social networks.


      Today Russian national team 21 medals — five gold, nine silver and eight bronze. In the overall ranking of countries by number of prizes, our country occupies the seventh place between Germany and France. The first three leaders — the US, China and the UK.

      The first gold medal for Russia brought the 30-year-old judoka Beslan Mudranov, who performed in the weight category up to 60 kg Mudranov defeated Kazakhstan’s athlete Yeldos Smetov. The whole country is met with Beslan as a national hero, it is known that the Kuban authorities intend to award him a prize in the amount of two million rubles. In an interview with the athlete said that he was very pleased to be the first on the first day of the Olympics, especially in a situation when many athletes were not allowed in Brazil because of a doping scandal. He also admitted that they were nervous because they knew what to do.

      The second highest award in the international sports competitions of our national team was brought by 22-year-old Ian egorian, to fight with his compatriot Sophia the great. The result — “gold” and “silver”. The young women fought under the famous “Imperial March” from the fantastic Saga of George Lucas “Star wars” that sparked sarcasm of many Russian journalists.

      The third Russian gold medal was the 22-year-old Hassan Halmurzaeva. American Travis Stevens first congratulated the judoka with the deserved victory and shook his hand. By the way, Stevens was training with the Russians and, as assured by some journalists, their second place is bound including Halmurzaeva. Travis even thought about the brotherhood when she hugged Halmurzaeva. As for our athlete, he dedicate his achievement to all suspended from Olympics athletes. By the way, participation in the Olympic games became the first in the career of Hassan, he came to Rio as reigning champion of Europe.

      Fourth loud achievement Rssii at the Games in Rio a gold medal 26-year-old fencers on the rapier Inna Deriglazova. In the final she defeated Italian ELISA di Francisco. His victory Deriglazova devoted daughter Diana, who dreams of becoming an athlete.

      On Friday, August 12, the Russian team won another victory. Champions of the Games were Arthur Akhmatkhuzin, Timur Safin and Alexey Cheremisinov. Our men’s foil team defeated France with a score of 45:41. “Thank you to everyone who believed in us! We gave to win every last drop”, — said Timur Safin with the media after the match.


      The Olympic games is not only drama and emotions, as well as outstanding sporting achievements, but also sentimental history and seriously injured athletes.

      One of the most touching moments was a group photo of the athletes of the two warring countries — North and South Korea. Gymnast, the hon John young and Lee Eun Joon took a selfie for memory, despite the fact that the state, teams from which they are separated by ideology and politics. This picture caused a lot of noise, because, as noted by some media, for him, the hon John young may declare the homeland a traitor, for that possible death penalty.

      Another sentimental event happened after a Rugby match. Member of the Brazilian national team of Isador Cerullo received an offer of marriage from his girlfriend of Marjorie Annie, the former at the Games volunteer. It happened right on the field where a tournament was held. Happy young woman hugging under the cheers of the fans. By the way, in a country where the Olympics, same-sex marriage legalized.

      Furor at the Olympics has produced and Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina. Young woman brilliantly executed exercise and won a bronze medal in the individual championship. Third place was given Mustafina a great price — she played with the back injury and the athlete had to overcome the pain, to bring the award to his country. By the way, in the near future Mustafina plans to get married with her lover, bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev.

      Choice of Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina: “She wants kids”

      Speaking of Games, we should not forget that in the pursuit of high achievements athletes often sustain severe injuries that can put an end to their future career and to cause irreparable damage to health. Many spectators at the Olympics were shocked by the trauma of the Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan — he twisted the elbow joint, performing the upgrade 195-pound projectile. Cyclist from the Netherlands Annemiek Vleuten of the van lost control and crashed into a barrier, after receiving a severe spinal injury and a traumatic brain injury.

      The Colombian Sergio Anao, crashed on the descent during the group race, was diagnosed with a fracture of the pelvis. Poorly made Themselves air, said French gymnast broke my leg in two places, doctors discovered he had damage to the small and tibia bones. Italiana Vincenzo nibali also finished the contest with a double fracture he suffered collarbone.

      Made for myself to experience and Russian Vladimir Nikitin, who received a cut to the head late in the third round. The athlete lost a lot of blood, and the referee even stopped the match for some amount of time. However, despite the injury, Nikitin brought the fight to the bitter end.

      Australian athlete Melissa Hoskins were injured after several Velogenic fell during a workout. Young zendentsu was taken from the stadium on a stretcher. In an interview Melissa admitted that experiences pain and hopes only on luck. Unpleasant incident occurred with Brazilian judoka Sarah Menezes — she broke her arm during the fight with the Mongolian champion, Urantsetseg Mybat.

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