Алена Водонаева конфликтует с бойфрендом на отдыхе The former participant of “House-2” is resting in Sunny Spain with his young son Bogdan. As it turned out, the lovers quarrel periodically. In the heat of Alena may even start packing.

      34-year-old Alena Vodonaeva is now in Spain together with her partner Anton Korotkov and charming heir to Bogdan. Leading wrote on social networks that their friendly company lives in the heart of Barcelona, in an apartment with a large terrace. Like any couple, Alena and Anton sometimes there are conflicts. Recently after one of them is the star of “House-2” almost decided to say goodbye to Korotkov forever. Vodonaeva even began to collect his suitcase to the young man ever left a luxury apartment in Spain.

      Alain Vodonaeva settled in Spain with their favorite men

      “Wherever we visited, we consistently “over forever” for an hour or two and someone will begin to collect the bags. I usually. I always leave forever. But here I can’t leave, another level of responsibility. I am the mother cat. Therefore, the suitcase is collected Anton” — shared Alena Vodonaeva in Instagram.

      However, after some amount of time the lovers are reconciled, what Alain said in his microblog.

      “Already dismantled. Good night PS by the Way, in Thailand, I broke all records by leaving with suitcases. To assemble and disassemble, four times a month. I hope that someday it will end. I’m 34 and not 19!”, — told Vodonaeva.

      Subscribers Alena hastened to support her. Many of them turned out to do exactly the same as a TV star and age is not their limiting factor. “Okay, it’s love!” “I’m 31, and I thought one to do so, collect-assort”, “Just tonight took the suitcase, but have already discussed, But I once a week going to my mom’s, apparently, all”, “Know yourself”, “I “divorced” on their honeymoon, but nothing to live soul to soul”, “In honeymoon my husband slept with a suitcase in the hotel lobby two days,” “Stop, love each other and to yield”, — shared followers Vodonaevoy their experiences.

      Recall that Alena Vodonaeva is going to marry 27-year-old tattoo artist Anton Korotkov. The celebrity said in a social network “Vkontakte”. “I have a few days as a bride” — told Alena to the end of July. The romance between the young people began in the spring. At first Alena was hiding her beloved from fans and journalists. But soon fans of the stars declassified by the characteristic Korotkova tattoos, and she Vodonaeva began to spread in the Network shared the photo with her boyfriend. Alena Vodonaeva is preparing for the forthcoming wedding

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