Денис Матросов показал подросшего сына Three months ago the actor was born the heir. Denis Matrosov recorded a short video as a kid riding on a swing. The artist tries as much as possible to expose the baby, but this time he made an exception.

      The first of may, the popular actor Denis Matrosov became a father again. His beloved Olga gave birth to the artist son, Theodore. A happy event – the new addition to the family of Denis personally informed all subscribers of their account on the social network almost immediately after giving birth sweetheart. Photos from the maternity ward gathered a huge number of “likes” and numerous congratulations.

      Today Denis and Olga are celebrating the birthday of the baby. The actor is not so often puts on display pictures of a little boy, but for the sake of the festival decided to show the grown son. For a short video captured Sailors, like a kid swinging on a swing, being in the hands of the Pope.

      “Today we three months!” happily signed the Sailors a short video.

      Fans could not hide her emotion and began to congratulate toddler happy birthday. They wished the entire family’s health and the baby grow strong and happy.

      “What a sweet marusechka! God bless,” “Three months – this is goodbye colic and holding of the head, hurray! We are still a month to wait. Health to you, and mother’s milk”, “Health and happiness!” – do not skimp on the kind words to the entire family loyal fans of the famous actor.

      Denis and Olga prefer to say as little as possible about your baby. When the choice of the actor was pregnant, even relatives didn’t know about her interesting position. Only when the rounded belly was impossible to hide, the lovers admitted that waiting for a son.

      Long time fans were asking questions, what about the famous actor named his son. Only a month later after the appearance of the boy he is told what the name chosen for the baby and explained what is the solution.

      “Fedor is translated from the Greek as “God-given”. And how could it be otherwise? Son born in Easter, may 1! My favorite grandfather wore this beautiful name, Fedor Akimovich Losev. In the evening elder, Ivan Denisovich, blow out the candle for his brother, on a piece of sweet cake!” – shared Sailors with their fans.

      As recognized by Dennis, at the beginning of their romance they with Olga, presles to the opinion that want to have a baby. The actor has a son Ivan, his beloved daughter Sasha. According to some, Matrosov, there are two illegitimate sons, but with them he does not communicate.

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