Лена Ленина стала жертвой воров Unknown broke into the new home of the writer. Criminals stole building materials. Fortunately, other valuable items was not in the room. After the unfortunate incident, the socialite decided to install a surveillance system outside the building and inside the house.

      Лена Ленина стала жертвой воров

      Shocking blonde Lena Lenin was faced with a very unpleasant situation. No sooner had the famous writer to finish the repair in one of their two new buildings on the Kaluga highway in the village of Marseille 34 kilometers from Moscow, he has already attracted the attention of thieves. In order to get inside the building, the attackers smashed the glass balcony doors. As it turned out, unknown persons have taken out a few dozen cans of paint for the walls.

      Fortunately, no other valuable things in the house was not because Lenin is still not fully finished the decoration of the room and not moved into the new house – not delivered no furniture, no values, no technique. Unknown, however, miscalculated: he saw white walls and a new package of paint, they most likely decided that steal ordinary white paint that is easy to resell.

      As it turned out, Lenin chose a more daring interior design. The paint on the object was Golden, because the flamboyant writer was going to paint the walls the color of the precious metal, and it is unlikely in the country, there is one more person who wants to live in such an outlandish interior. Therefore, most likely, criminals have to throw away all the cans. And then they just do not know that it was not just paint the Golden color, and with a substantial content of fine gold 999-th sample, which socialite specially ordered for his glamorous repairs to heighten the glamour and opulence. But it is unlikely the thieves will be able to evaporate gold from the paint Domini and make ingots.

      After the incident, the place immediately came head of the company “Stroyproekt” Dmitry Kalinov and the foreman Sergei Kankalaba, which is responsible for the house repairs are outrageous writer. To ensure the security of the home, it was decided to install a security system. Builders invited the Directors of the company Byterg to put surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the area and also inside the house and outside the building.

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