Александр Емельяненко просит досрочного освобождения Fighter serving time for the rape of a housekeeper. In prison, the athlete behaves around – actively engaged in the hall, promotes a healthy lifestyle and are generally not infringe upon the rights of other prisoners.

      Александр Емельяненко просит досрочного освобождения

      Today, August 2, the mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko anniversary – 35 years. This festival will celebrate the athlete in prison – he is serving a sentence for rape of a housemaid. However, there is good news: just a week, August 9, due for PAROLE, a right to appeal to the prison administration with a request to consider the possibility of parole. Now Emelianenko and his attorney Kakhaber Dolaze collect relevant documents.

      “The birthday of his wife Pauline will be there for him, we also congratulate, – told the “StarHit” the human rights activist. – Meanwhile, prepare the petition. Claims to it, as far as I know, no, on the contrary, only encouragement. It demonstrates good conduct is actively involved in sports and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Does not violate neither the regime nor the rights of other prisoners – all he has to read. So at the end of August we will know the decision.

      According to him, Emelianenko said the woman after the verdict in Alexander’s life did not appear. In the case of a positive decision of the court the athlete intends to return to the sport.

      “He’s in great physical shape: spends a lot of time in the gym,” he Dolaze. – In prison equipped with a special room, it has no any special equipment, but who needs that will find how to work out. Of course, he plans to return to Boxing when I get out. I’m sure he many more “kick”. As far as I know, he has already received offers from several promoters.

      Like all prisoners, Alexander has the right to a certain number of dates, which it uses in full. Wife Pauline meetings will not be missed.

      “Sometimes their meeting last night. The mother and all the relatives lost her this right – so the lovers see each other often. And we, the lawyers, hold it for two hours-three, – says the lawyer. – Sasha is a regular guest at the local library. Last read – “War and peace” Leo Tolstoy – knows by heart and “the Quiet don” by Mikhail Sholokhov. More particularly does in prison will not spoil. There are, of course, shop for the prisoners. On the card we put him the money to buy, what to buy, he chooses. But the maximum amount of frivolous in a month, something about a thousand rubles.”

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