Denis Matrosov is friends with his ex-wife

Денис Матросов дружит с бывшей женой Ex-spouses live in the neighborhood and continue to communicate. Denis Matrosov admitted that the divorce was most afraid that I won’t be able to see his son. However, his ex-wife Maria Kulikova was a wise woman, she not only managed to maintain good relations with the ex-spouse, but also became friends with his new darling.

      Денис Матросов дружит с бывшей женой

      Acting couple and Denis Matrosov Mariya Kulikova divorced in the winter of last year after fourteen years of marriage and the birth of his son Ivan. During this time, Denis Matrosov managed to meet a new love. Chosen one artist became Olga Golovina. Recently the couple appeared heir, not far off the wedding. At least, happy father promised in an interview to lead his girlfriend down the aisle, as soon as she will become a mother.

      Despite the fact that Denis Matrosov so happily formed a new life, he does not forget about the former, in which he was born the son of Ivan. The actor maintains relations with his ex-wife Maria Kulikova and is often seen with his heir – five-year-old boy actually lives in two houses. Fortunately, that home his star parents are next door to each other. According to Denis Matrosov, he decided to divorce because of the fear of losing the relationship with the son. Watching other couples disintegrated, the actor came to the conclusion that for the welfare of the child, it is important to maintain friendly relations with his ex-wife. And that is exactly what comes. “So many terrible examples in other families, where the mother after a divorce in 90% of cases do not give the child the opportunity to live in two houses. Women always defend their unit of society, ” says Denis Matrosov. And though we both parents have equal rights, in real life, in our country this is not happening. That’s what scared me the most in a divorce, I thought that I would pick him up”.

      However, the ex-wife Matrosov Mariya Kulikova so proved to be a wise woman. It in no way hinders the communication between father and son, supported with ex-husband good relations and moreover, managed to make friends with his new beloved. Two women Denis Matrosov met in July last year, and according to the actor, had a great time in company with him and her son Vanya. For these relations after the star does not get tired to thank his ex-wife.

      “I bow to Mary, we equivalent are involved in the upbringing of his son. The Vani there are two houses, he says, large and small. Depending on our schedules son lives with mom, then with dad. Of course, a great importance is the fact that our homes are close by, 600 metres. Thank God that all turned out well,” shared Denis Matrosov in an interview with Woman’s Day.

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